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Double Jump Kris MiiVideo games, with all of their creative genius, have spawned plenty of other creators to share their skills, via fan art, fanfiction, comics, music, whatever. Being an avid gamer and reader who appreciates art, today I’m sharing a few of my favorite video game fan comics.
Awkward Zombie
Awkward Zombie is a series of mostly one-shot comics based off of various video game scenarios. Most of them are┬ácheeky kind of jokes, poking fun at game mechanics that probably shouldn’t work. The artist, Katie Tiedrich, has been creating these comics for about ten years, starting on DeviantArt before moving everything to her own website. It updates weekly on Mondays.
The GaMERCaT is a comic about an adorable cat who loves video games. That’s pretty much the tagline! The art is simple and clean, with a well-rounded cast of characters enjoying the nuances of gaming life. Samantha Whitten is the artist of this comic, and she tends to update it on her site every Monday.
Random Doom
Random Doom is a Pokemon fan comic following the adventures of a Sinnoh trainer and her team of Pokemon. What started off as fun little one-shots has evolved (pun certainly intended) into chaptered comics starring the teams of Pokemon. TamarinFrog, or Jenna, is the artist behind these brilliant adventures, and Ice Climbers and Splatoon comics as well, on her DeviantArt. She tends to update the next page of Random Doom every Saturday on both DeviantArt and her Tumblr.
An honorable mention I would like to add is Nutty, or Kelsey. I first found her on DeviantArt years ago thanks to her wonderful Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars comics. She’s more active on Tumblr nowadays, but her older comics are definitely fun to read through every once in a while.
What are some of your favorite fan comics?

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  1. I loved Brawl in the Family, Matthew Taranto’s Nintendo-based comic, and 8-Bit Theater, a Final Fantasy-based webcomic. Both are done now, but each has an archive of hilarious comic strips. I’ll have to check your recommendations out too!

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