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Fairly recently I’ve been playing through Revelations, the third game of the Fire Emblem: Fates trio. Considering the game combines all of the characters from Birthright and Conquest, there’s tons of fodder for your army in Revelations. It can actually be a bit overwhelming, but there were a few characters that stood out to me as my favorites.
fefatessubaki4. Subaki
I was excited to see a male Pegasus flyer, to be honest. It was refreshing to see that the gender restrictions were lifted on the classes, and Subaki seemed to fit the Sky Knight class well. His calm persona and, admittedly, ridiculous need to be perfect amused me in his supports with the other characters, especially with Sakura, since he was her retainer!
3. Jakobfefatesjakob
Jakob is a neutral character, his loyalty lying only with the Avatar character. He’s of the Butler class, a new class that uses shuriken and daggers as well as staves. I enjoyed using the class, but Jakob’s snarky attitude paired with his effectiveness won me over to his character. He was always on the Avatar’s side, but had no problem speaking up and sharing his opinions with a side of sarcasm.
fefateskaze2. Kaze
Being the first ninja class character, the class reminiscent of the thief and rogue lines of previous Fire Emblem installments, that the players encounter, I already had a good first impression of Kaze. His character development and personality throughout both Birthright and Conquest, and his growing loyalty to the Avatar, gave him a spot on this list.
1. Camillafefatescamilla
Admittedly, I was a bit put-off by Camilla mostly because she was blatantly designed to be eye-candy for those inclined to ladies. There wasn’t much practicality to her armor (or anything at all, in certain shots) and her excessive doting on the Avatar was a bit… strange. She was a good unit, though, and her protectiveness of her siblings and “big sister instincts” made me use her more in the games. Hearing snippets of her backstory, of how her mother used her as a tool in the cutthroat world of politics, made me wish that her character had been explored much more than what we got in the final games.

What are some of your favorite characters from Fire Emblem: Fates?

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  1. Somehow, I forgot about Kaze. He really is such a cool character and introduces the ninja class well. Camilla is a great character too, and I luckily pulled her in Fire Emblem Heroes. Here are some of my favorites, and most of them are admittedly the nobles.
    5. Felicia – Similarly to how you like Jakob, I’m a big Felicia fan. I even married her in Birthright and Revelation. She’s not sarcastic, but she looks pretty cool with her daggers. I find her clumsiness endearing.
    4. Takumi – He’s not only good in FE Heroes, but he’s a surprisingly deep character with issues of his own. He’s easy to hate because of his personality and development, but that makes him interesting to me,
    3. Leo – He’s like the bro of Conquest. He’s a good person, and one that seems to support Corrin more often than not.
    2. Ryoma – I always found Ryoma to be cooler than Xander. It must be the hair. His scenes in both Birthright and Conquest are some of the most epic. He’s also such a strong unit, particularly because he can attack at both close- and far-range with his sword.
    1. Corrin – Unlike Robin, Corrin felt like the true star of his/her game. I enjoyed being both the avatar and main character. I thought his/her character was interesting because of the circumstances and decisions s/he had to make.

    1. Takumi and Leo were right up there on my list as well, and I believe besides Camilla, they were my two favorite nobles out of the game. I believe it’s because they had more development and backstory than most of the other royals. It was something that I had a love-hate relationship with in these games — I feel as if the males were much more developed and focused on than the females of the royal families.
      Corrin wasn’t too bad either, but in my opinion Robin trumps Corrin. However, I haven’t done a run-through of any of the games as the male Corrin, so perhaps I’ll like his personality better than female Corrin’s. She wasn’t bad at all, and I enjoyed playing as her and her unique circumstances, but it’ll be interesting to see if there will be any decent differences between the male and female avatars.

      1. I actually don’t think there are differences between the two. I played as female Corrin in Conquest, but I don’t think my experience would have been different as male Corrin. Robin is a great character too! S/he just had to share the spotlight with Chrom. I would agree that the male nobles were better developed than the females. I didn’t find Sakura or Hinoka particularly interesting. I liked them as characters, but they felt flat in comparison to, say, Takumi.

        1. I’m sure there’s not too much of a difference, but I heard that the female was a bit more teasing while the male was more laid-back. It’s according to the Wikia, anyway, haha!
          Yeah, Chrom shoved his way into the spotlight in Awakening, but he wormed his way into being one of my favorite main Fire Emblem lords, so I was okay with it. 🙂
          I agree that the females were flatter, that’s a good way to put it. They were cute, but they could have been so much more. I felt that it was the same with Elise and Camilla.

          1. It’s a shame, really. There are so many great characters, but not enough of the development to go around. I would have rather have a smaller cast with more emphasis on personalities and backstories.

          2. Agreed! It makes sense gameplay-wise to have so many characters, but character development suffers as a result. I will say that thanks to the emphasis on nobles, Fates – at least- has more development than the average FE title.

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