Friday Favorites: Fire Emblem Classes

Double Jump Kris MiiHello everyone! Happy Friday!
This week’s Friday Favorites post is all about my favorite character classes from the Fire Emblem series. The Fire Emblem series shares many fantasy character classes with other RPGs. What kind of classes are your favorites?
Although not the most popular, I have found myself using the Dancer and Songstress classes more often with Awakening and Fates, probably because these classes aren’t as passive as they used to be with the ability to use weapons. They’re quite useful in allowing other units to move again and, if you raise up their levels enough, they can be formidable on their own.
Beast Units.
Beast units were those characters that are able to shapeshift into animals with a great deal of attack power and defense, if not as much magic or resistance stats. In Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, these were the laguz — cat, heron, raven, hawk, tiger. Taguel, the rabbit shifters, were in Awakening, while Fates introduced the Kitsune and Wolfskin classes for foxes and wolves respectively. They were definitely a new twist to the roster of classes for the series!
Sky Knight/Wyvern Lord.
Mounted units are always fun, and flying is even better! The varied weapons that the flying units are allowed to use — axes, tomes, bows, staves, lances — is as awesome as their range of movement.
Judging by my last Friday Favorites with items from the Legend of Zelda series, you may have guessed that the character classes that allow characters to use bows are some of my favorites. One-hit K.O.s and ranged attacks are a fantastic combo!
Master Ninja/Rogue.
Thieves, rogues, ninjas… The kinds of classes that allow one stealth and the ability to pick locks for doors and chests were always my favorite. They generally get high critical hit rates and decent luck stats, allowing them to miss being hit while killing their enemies with one strike.

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