Friday Favorites: Galar Gym Missions

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Something that I love about Pokemon Sword and Shield is that that they brought back traditional gyms. The missions and hyped-up stadium battles got me excited again to be the very best. This is a list of my favorite gym missions and leaders from Pokemon Sword!
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Hulbury Mission
The mission in the water-type gym in Hulbury was fun to me as a puzzle. It wasn’t particularly difficult, no, but to see the sheer size of the puzzle and the graphics of the water was awesome. I do wish it was a bit more challenging, but I was enamored with the art style of the place.
Turffield Mission
Yes, this mission was simple, but I was delighted at the adorable Wooloo that you had to herd and the occasional Yamper that was around to disrupt said Wooloo. It was ridiculous, but having the opportunity to somewhat engage with Pokemon outside of battle was fun.
Stow-on-Side Mission
This gym’s mission had your avatar sit in a carnival ride and spin your way down a course, bouncing off the walls and spring-loaded punching gloves. If this was something I’d have to do in real life, I’d get sick — seriously, I can’t ride Disneyworld’s tea cup ride — but it was amusing to do in the game.
Hammerlocke Mission
While this mission wasn’t a puzzle, it was probably my favorite. Raihan pits you against his gym trainers in double battles, testing your ability to strategize with your own Pokemon. Double battles are my favorite battling format due to being able to do just that, so I enjoyed being given the chance to use my Pokemon in double battles.

What are your favorite Sword and Shield gym missions? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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  1. I found Kabu’s mission to be a very unusual idea, and can’t recall that they have ever tried anything like that before!
    A race to catch Pok√©mon, with your competition right there in the field with you — even in battle!

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