Friday Favorites: GameCube Games

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This week, I thought I would share my favorite games from an older console. The GameCube had a great run and is probably one of the consoles that we have the most games for. Be sure to share your favorites too!
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
While Sacred Stones for the GameBoy Advance was my first Fire Emblem game, Path of Radiance was right behind it. Although I was a bit skeptical about trying out a Fire Emblem on a console (and I still believe that Fire Emblem, as a franchise, works better on the handheld systems), it was great seeing everything on the big screen. The story, the characters, the gameplay, I enjoyed almost everything about Path of Radiance.
Sonic Adventure 2.
Okay, so the best Sonic the Hedgehog games will always be for the Sega Genesis, and the most recent ones definitely leave a lot to be desired please don’t get me started on the Sonic Boom games. However, the GameCube games will always hold a special place in my heart, despite me know realizing that they’re not the best games out there. Sonic Adventure 2 had some fun — if sometimes repetitive — levels, various characters, and CHAO! Holy crap, those things are right up there with Yoshi on the cuteness scale! The two-player mode was also responsible for some awesome memories for Rachel and me.
Super Smash Brothers Melee.
C’mon, how can this not be on the list? The original Super Smash Brothers was for the Nintendo 64, and I had only been able to play that on occasion when I went over to my cousins’ house during the holidays or when I rented it over and over from Blockbuster (anyone remember that place, or am I showing my age?). With the GameCube, however, came Melee, and it was the source of many amazing video game nights that I hosted with my friends. This game created wonderful memories.
Mario Kart: Double Dash.
Like the other games, Mario Kart: Double Dash was tons of fun playing with others, not just as opponents, but as allies as well. Instead of every-person-for-themselves, Double Dash allowed two players to simultaneously control a kart, either by driving or duking it out with others with the items (or by punching). Nowadays, Rachel’s the reigning Mario Kart champ, but back then it was me with the unparalleled driving skills and Rachel had the best aim with the green shells (and her character’s fists).
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure.
This one definitely takes the top of the list. It was always one of Rachel’s and my favorite video games to play. We do fantastic working together or just goofing off and throwing each other off of cliffs, but we always have a great time. It was also one of my biggest inspirations that spawned my writing ambitions. Legend of Zelda fanfiction, revolving around this game in particular, was when I seriously started thinking about writing!
What were some of your favorite GameCube games?

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