Friday Favorites: Hyrule Warriors Characters

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To continue celebrating the Zelda franchise from last week, I thought I’d go back to a game that I haven’t played in a while since it’s released. Hyrule Warriors is a spin-off game of the franchise that combines the Legend of Zelda characters with the action of the Dynasty Warriors series, a franchise that I’m afraid I’m not as familiar with. Nevertheless, it was tons of fun kicking ass as these characters!
5. Zelda
How much fun was it to actually play as the Princess of Destiny herself? Far from a helpless princess, Zelda was grace and elegance as she stabbed enemies with her sword. It was awesome seeing her on the front lines to defend her home and kingdom.
4. Link
Of course the hero himself is on this list. Link, as always, is a great character to control and it felt right being him as he combated the waves of enemies on the fields.
3. Impa
Impa, in almost any incarnation, was always a fascinating character to me (I may be biased a bit toward the Sheikah race, but I digress), with her prowess and dedication to Zelda and the rest of the royal family. Her big-ass sword was a joy to use when cleaving through enemies!
2. Fi
Fi’s beautiful design and dancer-like movements quickly made her one of my favorite characters in Skyward Sword, and it wasn’t a surprise to me that she was one of my preferred warriors in this game.
1. Sheik
Some of you may have been able to guess that Sheik was on my list. Besides the daggers that are used for quick attacks, the Harp is also a unique weapon. With the familiar and beautiful music powering Sheik’s attacks, it was definitely a fun warrior to be!
What are your favorite Hyrule Warriors characters?

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  1. Great choices for both Hyrule Warriors and the Zelda franchise as a whole! Sheik is cool in general.
    If I was listing most used, I would just put Link 1st and then Zelda right behind. But I’ll pick characters I like from HW even if I don’t use them.
    5. Volga – Volga’s a beast, like literally, he’s a dragon. He’s always difficult to fight, but playing as him makes me feel powerful. I love turning into a dragon. I also appreciate that he’s an original character that references Zelda lore (Volvagia).
    4. Link – I love Link, even though he’s not first on this list. This isn’t my favorite iteration of Link, though his scarf is really cool. I use him the most because of his strength and versatility, of course.
    3. Cia – She has a very interesting story, especially if you play her tale. I won’t go into many details, but I like where they took her.
    2. Marin – She’s way too adorable. I love that she was included in DLC, and that she’s faithful to her original design but still looks modern. I’m so happy because I love Link’s Awakening and any time it gets attention.
    1. Linkle – I adore this Link girl. I was sure I’d like her following her initial reveal. They outdid themselves by giving her a different personality and allowing her to speak (albeit without voice acting). She’s original to HWL, and I’m glad they thought her up.

    1. Your choices and reasons make me wish I had more DLC for the game! Volga and Cia were tons of fun to play, especially Volga! I don’t have Legends… maybe when I can splurge, I’ll get it to try out Linkle. 🙂

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