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Double Jump Kris MiiThank God it’s Friday!
Pokemon Crystal came out on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and I’m having so much fun with it! It’s a fun nostalgic trip for me, and I’m having a great time training up some of my favorite second generation Pokemon.
The Mareep family was always a favorite of mine, and I am missing them in Pokemon Crystal (since, for some reason, they’re only available by trading with Gold or Silver). Ampharos is one of my top electric-types, and its Mega Evolution gives it such fabulous hair, haha!
Poison and Flying are two of my favorite types of Pokemon, and Crobat is the best of both worlds. It blows my mind that it’s literally about a foot taller than me in height, but its size doesn’t hinder its speed at all!
Quagsire, with its dual typing of Water and Ground, can be such a powerhouse. Despite how common and versatile they are, I tend not to train Water types, but I don’t think twice about snagging the Wooper line. I think Quagsire is adorable, too, with its dopey looks.
The second generation of Pokemon brought about two new types, namely Steel and Dark. Despite that, there really weren’t too many Steel type Pokemon, especially ones that weren’t new evolutions of an already existing line. Steelix, though, I loved seeing. Onix was a favorite from the first generation and I loved the design of his evolution. That, and Jasmine’s Steelix definitely kicked my ass the first time I tried fighting them, so I appreciated the challenge!
Likewise, Dark also became one of my favorite types after this generation, and I adored Umbreon. While I enjoy all of the Eevee evolutions, Umbreon’s design was always one of my favorites, especially its Shiny form. It’s stats may not be the best, but it was always fun to raise.

What are your favorite generation two Pokemon? Did you download Crystal?

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  1. ooohhh Umbreon is a great pokemon choice! Chikorita and Bayleaf are 2 or my favorite 2nd gen pokemon. They’re both so cute and they are some of my favorite grass types.
    -Luna 🙂

  2. Omg I loved this . You guys should come out with some more Pokemon posts. Loving every second of reading them ( and ur other blogs but Pokemon more).
    Thx for responding last week kris.p to my comment you can contact me on my contact page on my blog
    Keep it up! 👌🏻

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