Friday Favorites: Mario Kart Characters

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How is everyone today? I’m thinking of breaking out a couple of Mario Kart games when I have the time this weekend. With that thought, here’s my list of favorite Mario Kart racers.
5. Daisy
If I’m correct, Daisy first appeared in a Mario Kart game in the GameCube’s Double Dash. Rachel was always Yoshi while I chose Daisy, because she wasn’t as pink as Princess Peach. Every once in a while, I still go back and race with Daisy for old time’s sake.
4. Rosalina
Rosalina is the only character in the heavy weight class that I tend to play. She was more low-key than Daisy (along with a less annoying voice, let’s be honest here) and an adorable Luma always followed along. With her in the heavy weight class, she was the character I played when I wanted a little more power and handling rather than speed.
3. Luigi
Despite me being a Player One, Luigi holds a special place in my heart. The second brother, the underdog, Luigi was always fun to bring into the spotlight once in a while. Plus, there was the death stare meme.
2. Yoshi
Yoshi’s adorable! Isn’t that enough of a reason?
1. Koopa Troopa
I have no idea why I started using Koopa Troopa. Perhaps it was because Rachel usually (read as always) plays Yoshi and me, also wanting to race around as an adorable little creature, chose Koopa. He’s of the lightest weight class and, if you know me by now, it generally means he’s built for speed rather than power. He looks pretty badass on the karts with the giant wheels too!
What are some of your favorite Mario Kart characters?

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  1. Great choices! My top 5 are actually quite similar to yours! I prefer using lighter characters for better handling and acceleration. The stats have gotten more complicated since they started featuring customizable karts, but my choices have more or less remained the same.
    5 & 4. Toad and Toadette, more specifically the Double Dash team of the two mushrooms. Double Dash had special power-ups, and my favorite was this pair’s: Golden Mushroom. Plus, they’re so cute!
    4. Lemmy. I love the Koopalings, so it was great to see them as part of the MK8 roster. Lemmy’s very light; just as much as the babies (except I don’t like playing as the babies), so it was a perfect choice for me. Lemmy became my favorite Koopa Kid because of Mario Kart!
    2. Yoshi, who is also my favorite Mario character period. He was my go-to dino for Super Mario Kart, and I used him exclusively until he started becoming a middleweight. I moved to my #1 choice after that.
    1. Koopa! How about that? We had the same top 2! I love Koopa, and although I didn’t use him too much in the original Super Mario Kart, I was upset that they replaced him with Wario in MK64. When they brought him back, I decided to give him another chance since I needed a lightweight replacement since Yoshi apparently gained weight. I don’t regret going with Koopa! He’s also super cute just like most of my list apparently, haha.

  2. Toad and Toadette are cute! I haven’t used them too often — I think it’s because I preferred Toad’s voice from the early Mario Party days. I’ll admit I haven’t tried playing as any of the Koopalings. To me, they just seemed to be filler characters, but I think I’ll give them a shot through your recommendation.
    Glad we have Yoshi and Koopa in common! Rachel plays as Yoshi 99.9% of the time, so Koopa had to become my number one, haha! As always, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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