Friday Favorites: Miitopia Jobs

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday and September! Give a shout-out to Rachel since today is her birthday!
Aside from Pokemon, one of the main games Rachel and I have been playing through is Miitopia. We’re having tons of fun with this game, especially when it comes to the personalities and the jobs! Below are the jobs that I’ve had the most fun with so far in the game.


Thief Kris and Mage Rachel, at your service!

Everyone loves magic, right? While initially a bit frail, after leveling up a bit, the mage becomes quite the powerhouse with their abilities. The Lightning and Explosion spells were some of my favorites!
Pop Star
One of the aspects of the Pop Star job that I liked the best was how gender-neutral it was. My first job change was to the Pop Star class, and I chose the male outfit rather than the female because I liked the hats much better than the giant bow. The skills were unique, with different melodies being used for different reasons, either to harm everyone or help heal a bit of magic to other members.
I was a little skeptical about this job (to be fair, I was skeptical about many of the “new” jobs), but I figured I would give it a shot when it came time to make more party members. And, holy crap, my cat character was a beast! He was definitely one of my strongest members to date! His adorable walking animation was awesome too, haha!
While this may not come as a surprise to many, the Thief job is one of my favorites. Seeing the gear, the daggers, and the awesome “sneak” walk during the adventure mode were some great aspects that were added to the job. The tricky skills and actions just made it better!

What are your favorite Miitopia jobs?

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  1. I’m close to finishing the game I think. I chose thief first, then popstar, and then princess. Princess is surprisingly fun, too! When I got my other jobs back I stuck with it. 👸 I agree – the cat is pretty awesome! I made my sister the cat as a joke, but she’s one of my favorites. Such a fun game!

    • I did thief, popstar then scientist. While I enjoyed all of them, I went right back to thief when I got the option to do so! I’m right at defeating the Dark Lord, but Rachel just passed that part and claims that it’s only about halfway through the game… It is tons of fun!

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