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Double Jump Kris MiiAnother week down, one more full week to go in October!
Mobile gaming has definitely spiked recently, with all sorts of genres being played right at the tips of your fingers. From Angry Birds to Pokemon GO, there’s tons of downloadable games that you can spend your money on (even if the base game itself is free). Although some don’t consider mobile games to truly be “video games,” they’re making strides, especially with the plans to bring Super Mario onto the iPhones! Here are a few of my favorite mobile games from over the years.
3. High School Story by Pixelberry
I know, a game about high school? I’m a bit old for that, aren’t I? While I don’t play the game anymore, hear me out on it. I had downloaded this game years ago when my younger cousins started playing it, mainly because I wasn’t sure what they were getting into. Neither of the two were in high school yet, and their father wasn’t very cell phone or Internet savvy to figure out what they were doing, so I played the game with them to be sure it was appropriate.
Honestly, it’s a very tasteful, fun game. Although it categorizes characters into “cliques,” like jocks, artists, and nerds, it promotes inclusion and nonjudgmental friendship, something that could be promoted more in schools today. A few of the story lines even focus on more serious subjects such as anorexia (but it’s also completely optional in case it’s triggering), and I found them to be well-written and sensitive. The characters are all well-rounded and, even if the event waiting times can be long, it was a pretty enjoyable game.
2. Archie Saves Riverdale
Anyone else read Archie comics? Besides Batman and X-Men, I grew up on Archie comics and still read them from time-to-time. They’re clean, tasteful, and usually hilarious with the antics that the characters get into. They had a mobile game called Archie Saves Riverdale that, unfortunately, isn’t available any longer, but it was fun to someone like me who grew up with the characters. The main goal was, more or less, to do tasks that “cleaned up” Riverdale while also being able to raise relationships between the characters. The dialogue sounded as if they came straight out of the comics, and playing the game was just like being at home.
1. Pokemon GO
Although I’m not addicted to the game, Pokemon GO is still on my list. The augmented reality game helped keep my excitement for the Pokemon franchise, and it was a refreshing new take on the game, even if there were tons of bugs in the program. Being able to search for Pokemon in real world locations is pretty fun, and I’m excited to see where the new updates will take the game.
What are some of your favorite mobile games?

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  1. High School Story sounds like something I might want to play. I’m not actually big on mobile games, usually preferring to play traditional console or handheld games. However, there are some games I have enjoyed. First of all, I, of course, liked Nintendo’s offerings of Pokemon GO and Miitomo. I also have enjoyed some other games from bigger-profile publishers like Final Fantasy: Record Keepers, Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble, Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, and the Mirror’s Edge phone game. Other experimental titles I’ve liked were The Room (lots of puzzles), and Game Dev Story (in which you are in charge of a game company).

    1. Yeah, High School Story really wasn’t so bad. I also prefer traditional console and handheld games as well, which may be evident in how short this list is, haha! I thought I played more mobile games but… Nope. I’ll have to check out some of the others you’ve mentioned, though!

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