Friday Favorites: Multiplayer Games

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone!
Growing up, my friends and I were always the group to crowd at one of our houses for pizza and video games. It was easy on our parents — they always knew where we were! Throughout the years, here are some of my top multiplayer games.
Mario Kart
Mario Kart has always been a great series to play with friends, despite its reputation for ruining friendships like Monopoly. While I definitely enjoy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with the extra characters and the awesome battle modes, one of my favorites was always Double Dash for the GameCube. Working in tandem with someone else to destroy the opposition was always fun!
This is a newer game that Rachel and I discovered and, with our Xbox One gifted to us from our generous brother-in-law, we were finally able to play it. We first discovered the game through PB&Jeff, a series on the PBGGameplay YouTube channel. It’s a ridiculous little game where you need to cooperate with others to complete orders in absurd kitchens. It’s always a challenge no matter how many people you’re playing with!
Mario Party
Mario Party 1 through 6ish, of course. The latter Mario Party games, the ones with the microphone gimmicks and the cars that cart everyone around the board, seem to have forgotten what a Mario Party truly is, in my opinion. The older Mario Party games were also ripe with minigames that sometimes seemed to favor one player or team over another, bringing about another challenge (or argument) for the players.
Super Smash Bros.
Before this series, I wasn’t one for pure fighting games. Seeing how much fun it is to pummel your friends with one of your favorite Nintendo characters had changed my mind. Melee was probably my favorite installment of this series, but I’m always eager to see what future games will bring!

What are your favorite multiplayer games? Any that you would recommend to play or any that you felt were a waste of time?

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  1. Happy Friday Kris! Mario Party is definitely one of those fun games to play while drunk. LOL! The mini games are so hilarious. As for multiplayer games I like definitely Goldeneye, most recently Destiny, and you can’t go wrong with an arcade beat em up. X-Men, Simpsons, and even TMNT: Turtles In Time.

    • Ooohhh, Turtles in Time is a fantastic one! Another game I forgot to mention was Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. We’ve always had tons of fun with those. Arcade beat ’em ups are always a good time!

  2. Recently I’ve been playing Monster Hunter as my go to multiplayer title but I generally tend to play shooters like Halo, Battlefield, and Destiny. For couch play though, I don’t think anything is better than Mario Kart.

    • Haven’t had the chance to try Monster Hunter out just yet… I’ve had the 3DS Monster Hunter Generations for a year or two now, but haven’t gotten around to try it yet! Glad you’re having fun with it! 🙂

  3. I certainly had a lot of fun playing Goldeneye with friends. We all start trying to shoot each other but someone will always try to ‘happy slap’ you to death. Mario Kart and Rocket League are both fantastic games for vehicular mayhem with others.
    The later Mario party titles get a bad rap and I did enjoy Mario Party 10 but I can understand why everyone gets gnarked of with the car mechanic. The amount of times I have been in first, only to have another play go backwards and forwards through a mini star gate and over taking my top score and then, reach the end so I don’t have a chance to bounce back.
    Jack and I had a fun time with the latest Kirby game, Kirby Star Allies. We managed to work together, and beat the Soul Melter difficulty… Twice! Once on his Switch and again on mine.
    Smash Bros is a top favourite of mine and is our preferred ‘go to’ when settling arguments.

    • The later Mario Party titles are great for younger kids or those just getting into the franchise, but as someone who had been around since the first one… The later ones definitely aren’t enjoyable to me. I enjoyed the boards of Mario Party 10, but I wish the car was its own mode, if you will.
      Ah, we saw that you had gotten 100% on Kirby Star Allies — congrats! Glad you guys enjoyed it so much! And, of course, you can never go wrong with Smash Bros. 🙂

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