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Did you all hear about the mini NES that Nintendo is going to roll out in November? We still have the original console but, considering that the original NES came out five years before I was a thought in my parents’ minds, we don’t have too many of those games and my memories of playing said games are a bit fuzzy. However, there were a few that I definitely remembered.
4. Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout
I’m going to wager a guess that we had a Bugs Bunny game mostly because my uncle and Rachel’s and my older sister loved the character. This game was rather simplistic, just running around as Bugs with a giant hammer while attempting to get to his 50th birthday party. I enjoyed playing the game mostly because of the character (and the hammer).
3. Disney’s The Little Mermaid
Disney had quite a few video games with Nintendo. Besides The Lion King for the SNES, we also had The Little Mermaid for the NES. Generally I’m not one for water levels in video games (we can probably blame Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple for that), but I remember enjoying swimming around as Ariel in the game
2. Adventure Island II
I don’t know how or when we had gotten this game. It’s about a guy in prehistoric times who quests through treacherous islands in order to rescue his girlfriend, as far as I recall. Nonetheless, I remember booting up this game often enough, mostly due to the fact that, as the protagonist, you had little dinosaur helpers after you rescued them. Flying with a pterodactyl was pretty neat!
1. Super Mario Bros. 3
Seriously, what else could take the number one spot? That’s right, probably the Legend of Zelda, but alas, we never had the originals for the NES. Therefore, Mario tops this list with his game that has been the third best-selling NES game of all time. Being able to play as Mario or Luigi, it was one of the classic side-scrolling platform games that centered on rescuing Princess Toadstool (way before her nickname Peach became her more familiar moniker) and the leaders of the seven kingdoms from Bowser and his koopalings.
What was your favorite NES game? Or are you too young to remember much of that console?

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  1. I haven’t played the Bugs Bunny game, but I have played the other three. I’m a fan of the Adventure Island series, especially the SNES games, which were similar to the NES titles except had more of a progression system and exploration. It’s great you’re a fan of the NES one! And SMB3 will always be a classic!
    My favorite NES games are:
    4. Maniac Mansion – It’s a very old Lucas Arts adventure game, but is has become a cult hit. In this game, you control 3 kids, and have them solve puzzles inside this cartoonishly creepy mansion so you can save another kid and the world. The sequel, Day of the Tentacle, recently came out on PSN.
    3. Kirby’s Adventure – One of the latest games that had come on the console, it was an incredibly polished game. Kirby first gained his iconic copy powers here. There were a good amount of stages providing a decently lengthy playtime!
    2. Super Mario Bros. 3 – It’s great for all the reasons you mentioned. I still play it from time to time today.
    1. Punch-Out!! – This is, by far, the game I spend the most time with on the NES as a child. I kept the NES plugged in throughout high school (even though NES was outdated by that point) just so I could try to beat Mike Tyson. I’ll always remember the day I finally beat him. I got so excited that I accidentally made the NES shut off so I never got to watch the ending. Even today, I love the arcade pattern based gameplay and underdog story!

  2. Super Mario Bros. 3 will always be #1 in every list…

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