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I’m still enjoying my time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the most part. There are definitely some improvements that could be made, especially to the crafting system, that I would like to see in future patches, though. This is my wish list for improvements to the game that I hope to one day see.
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Weapon Durability Indicator
I actually like the crafting aspect in New Horizons. However, I would like an indication as to when my tools are about to break. Even a little hint, a pop-up bubble mentioning that the tool is feeling brittle or “flimsy,” would be nice. While eventually my island will have more bridges and such to connect the different parts of the island together, it is annoying to start searching further away from my workbench only for my tools to break without warning.
Craft/Redeem Miles In Bulk
I know I’m not the only one who wants this patched into the game. Crafting is great, but why is there no option yet to craft two or three fishing rods at a time? Why are we only able to create one at a time even when we clearly have enough materials to craft multiple tools and items? On that note, it is a little tedious to have to buy one Nook Mile ticket at a time. I would like the option to buy those in bulk, if you have enough miles, please.
“Preferred” Mystery Islands
The mystery island tours can be fun, but I have found myself going on multiple ones due to being disappointed at where I first landed. I’ve found myself at similar islands, and I understand the mystery islands are probably recycling several of the same types, that do not have the resources I was looking for and ended up racing back to my island to get another Nook Miles ticket to try again. Aside from possibly having the option to go from one mystery tour straight to another — if you have the proper amount of Nook Miles tickets in your inventory — I would also like a little bit of a choice as to where you end up. For instance, if Orville asks what kind of island I’m looking for, I can say one with fruit trees or plenty of rocks or long rivers. Having “no preference” as a response can keep islands more random.
“Write” DIY Recipes
Collecting DIY recipes is great and being able to mail and swap items with friends is awesome, but I would love to be able to “write” DIY recipes to send to friends. They can send me an item, sure, but I would prefer the actual DIY recipe so I can always make the item if need be. I have no idea how many DIY recipes there are in the game, either. I think it would be another nice way for others to connect by sharing DIY recipes with each other.

What features and mechanics do you wish were in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Some great points here, I am definitley fed up of random islands. I don’t have Nintendo Online so have only got my native fruit, bamboo, coconuts and one other fruit. Been searching for more. My main wishes are for Celeste’s observatory and Brewser’s cafe to reappear. It would also be nice to have the Police station back from the original and Pelly along with the post office. I think some of these are planned for future updates. Other than that, I have always liked the idea of having mini games that you could play with others for trophies.

  2. You can send your duplicate diy recipes to friends! Not the same as just writing them down, but one of my friends and I have been sending each other recipes whenever we find an extra.
    My big wish is for Brewster to come to the island – I miss my pigeon friend.

  3. Completely agree about the durability indicator. It didn’t bother me at first, but after breaking 300 tools I really wish such a thing existed. As for my wishlist of features, I’d love to see more items to exchange for miles.

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