Friday Favorites: Nintendo Land Rides

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy December, everyone!
If you haven’t heard yet, there are plans for Nintendo-themed parks in Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando in Florida and Japan within the next few years. Being able to visit both the Harry Potter world and a Nintendo theme park in Universal Studios, FL? Yes, please! Below in no particular order are just a few ride and area ideas that I would love to see in a Nintendo park.
So, a merry-go-round isn’t the most exciting theme park ride, but I enjoy the leisurely pace that they set while also being able to take a good look around the park from whatever fake steed I’m on. But one based on Nintendo creatures? I’d love to sit atop Epona or a Loftwing or a Dodongo from the Legend of Zelda, or even Mario’s pal Yoshi. What about a Charizard or Rapidash from Pokemon?
Go Karts
Let’s have a ride based off of Mario Kart! Races, bumper cars, anything that can bring the unique and quirky go-kart designs from the Mario Kart games to life.
Shooting Games or Paintball
Is everyone familiar with Toy Story Mania from Disneyworld? You know, the ride where you’re sitting in a cart that whirls you over to different screens for you to shoot at various targets as quickly as you can to rack up your score? I want one based after Metroid Prime or one that lets you shoot targets (or pots!) like Link’s Crossbow Training.
Hub Area
I would just love to be able to wander around Hyrule┬áCastle Town or Bowser’s Castle or Viridian City or stages from Super Smash Bros. or even a little Animal Crossing village. To be able to just be immersed in my favorite video game worlds in the same sense that Universal Studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be nothing short of amazing.
What are you hoping for, or looking forward to, in a Nintendo theme park?

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  1. Fun ideas! I want one of those basic rides like the Snow White or Peter Pan rides from Disney World that let you ride a cart and allow you to experience animatronic versions of classic sequences. It would be cool if they had one for each major Nintendo series. It would be just as cool to have an entire theme park, not just a part of Universal Studios, dedicated to Nintendo. Like have a hub, but then also connect it to different worlds like Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom with each area having its own attractions and design. That’s my dream as we get closer to the eventual Super Nintendo World.

  2. An entire theme park, like Disneyworld with it’s separate parks and kingdoms? That would be epic, having Hyrule, Mushroom Kingdom, the Kanto region all within a massive theme park! Perhaps one day…

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