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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!
We’re still going strong with Octopath Traveler, and we hope those of you who haven’t finished are enjoying it too! After playing further into the characters’ stories, there are a few that are clear winners to me. Although I enjoy all the characters, these four are right at the top of the list.
Hunter and ranger characters are generally some of my favorites. Bows are a favorite weapon of mine in most games, despite how awful my aim can be — seriously, you should have seen me trying to shoot enemies in Breath of the Wild, Rachel had a great time making fun of me — as they usually can be so versatile. H’aanit has one of the better stories in my opinion as well. She’s off in search of her missing master with a trusty animal sidekick. The only aspect of H’aanit I’m not completely on board about is her dialect. The Shakespearean way she and her people speak isn’t bad, but I’m positive some words were just made up or slapped with prefixes and suffixes that don’t really work to make her way of speaking more “otherworldly.”
My heart broke during this lady’s chapter one. Not for the revenge angle, since tons of fantasy characters’ motivations seem to stem from the murder of their loved ones (especially fathers, for some reason), but for where she found herself while searching for her father’s murderers. I loved to hate the boss of her chapter one, and her motivation for moving forward really captured me. Her story so far is one of my favorites. Her voice actress also does a phenomenal job, in my opinion.
As soon as Rachel and I heard Alfyn speak, we cooed over how adorable he sounded. While a couple of other characters have similar, “we’re off to see the world,” story lines, Alfyn was the first character we collected to have that particular plot. His movepool is more of a smorgasbord of other characters’ — a bit of healing like Ophelia here, some ice moves like Cyrus there, shares the hatchet with H’aanit — but he also has the fun Concoct skill, where he puts together herbs to create either healing or damaging items. I love his poison skill too!
If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that I’ve always had a soft spot for thief and rogue characters. Stealth and speed are attributes to most of my favorite playable characters — Sheik in Smash Bros., Fire Emblem characters in the thief class — and it’s a bonus whenever they use daggers as weapons. Therion was the first character we picked when starting Octopath, and his dialogue, mannerisms, and voice acting is spot on. His story isn’t too bad either, one where he’s in it for himself, but trapped in a deal that’s taking him on a journey dangerous enough to need allies. We’ve gotten a few “party banter” dialogues between Therion and a few of the other characters, and we’ve been enjoying his personality and interactions with them. We’re just hoping for so much more!

Who are your favorite Octopath characters?

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  1. I started off with Ophelia, and so far I’ve only collected Therion, Alfyn, the merchant girl (brain whoops), the Scholar, and H’aanit. I think I enjoy H’aanit the most out of the ones I’ve encountered, mostly because she has a giant leopard with a ribbon on its tail. I do agree that they’ve really done weird things with her dialect, and as someone with an MA in English, it’s really painful for me to read… They’ve definitely just made stuff up as they’ve gone along.
    Alfyn seems super pure, and Ophelia’s along the same lines. I don’t know if I’ll have a different favorite by the end of the game, but I’m looking forward to experiencing everyone!

    • Linde the leopard is so much fun! H’aanit’s monster capture thing is a great concept. She pretty much helped my party out when we were doing the boss of Therion’s second chapter, I think, with a few of the creatures she had captured on the way to the story. The monsters she had captured hit the weaknesses of the boss, helping to get rid of his shield more than once.
      Oh, goodness, I love Alfyn! We’re going around and doing the second chapters now, and I can’t wait to continue his story!

  2. My favorite so far is Primrose. She is the character I have started with. I am intrigued by her story and want to learn more about her as a character as I progress through her story.

    • I love Primrose! Her story, I think, is probably one of the better ones that are written. There’s a lot of potential for good character growth for her with the revenge angle, while some of the other characters’ stories just seem a bit flat.
      Can’t wait to hear what you think of the other characters too!

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