Friday Favorites: Paper Mario Partners

Double Jump Kris MiiGotta love the weekend!
Considering that Rachel and I were prodding our old Nintendo 64 to see if it would work, we were going through some of those old games. Paper Mario was always a favorite, especially the first two installments with the quirky partners! Today’s favorites list is dedicated to the partners in the first Paper Mario.
4. Lady Bow
This lady was a queen in her own right, taking charge of a terrible situation involving her fellow Boos and slapping anyone in her way with her fan. Definitely one of my faves!
3. Kooper
This little koopa was adorable! His enthusiasm to help out and for adventures was contagious and endearing.
2. Watt
With powerful electric attacks and an adorable demeanor to boot, Watt was a great partner in the game! Although she’s young, she definitely held her own.
1. Sushie
This tough ol’ fish cracked me up with the way she spoke about the Yoshi kids that she watched. She was plenty of help in a fight as well, and the Lavalava Island level was one of my favorite areas of the game.
What were your favorite Paper Mario partners and characters?

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  1. Great choices, especially Kooper, whom I also love, and Watt, who is very adorable! I also agree that Sushie is very helpful too, both in battle and the overworld.
    My favorites, in no real order are:
    Kooper – For the same reasons you listed, I just love the idea of partnering up with a Koopa Troopa, especially one so cute as Kooper.
    Vivian – I liked how different Vivian was by being a relatively unknown Mario enemy type. I also liked Vivian’s personality!
    Goombario – The original Paper Mario partner. I liked that your first teammate is the first Mario enemy, a Goomba. He’s cute to boot, and I love his Tattle ability.
    Parakarry – I liked Parakarry’s ability more than anything, but I also liked how he was a letter carrier.
    Yoshi – How could I not love Yoshi? This Yoshi kid is so cute, and riding him makes me so happy!

    1. You’re ahead of me a bit — Vivian and Yoshi (who Rachel and I tended to call Rascal) are both on my list for The Thousand Year Door. 🙂 Parakarry was very close to making this list. It was difficult to narrow it down!

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