Friday Favorites: Pokemon Gym Puzzles

Double Jump Kris MiiHow was everyone’s week?
I’ve been playing more Pokemon lately, finding the series to be rather relaxing after a week of work. I prefer the regions with gym challenges rather than Alola, both for the challenging battles and the puzzles that some gyms had in order to reach the leader. This week is all about my favorite Pokemon Gym puzzles!
Mahogany Gym (Johto)
Mahogany Gym is the Ice-type gym in the second generation of the Pokemon games. It has one of those classic ice-sliding puzzles where one misstep can mess you up. While the original Gold/Silver/Crystal trio had just one room of this puzzle, the HeartGold and SoulSilver remakes had three.
Vermilion Gym (Kanto)
Lt. Surge’s Electric-type gym was a fun puzzle in which there are two switches hidden in trash cans that the player needs to press in order to open up the electric doors that the gym leader is behind. While the switches are always adjacent, if you guess the second one incorrectly, the switches reset.
Fuchsia Gym (Kanto)
This Poison-type gym used invisible walls that you had to walk around in order to reach the gym leader. As a kid playing the original first generation games, I was a little frustrated with this gym until I realized that you could very faintly make out where the walls are. Nevertheless, it was a good challenge.
Mistralton Gym (Unova)
In Black and White, this gym uses freaking cannons to blast the player around the room. Your character is supposed to be, what, a young teen? I feel as if this gym would get sued for human injuries. In Black 2 and White 2, there are giant fans that blow the player around, and I’m not sure they’re much better. While not particularly challenging, this is probably one of the gym designs that I found the most amusing while playing!

What are your favorite Pokemon Gym puzzles? Or did you prefer the gyms that were straightforward and led you immediately to the gym leader?

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. I think you’re the first person I have seen express positive feelings about the Vermillion City gym puzzle!
    I thought X and Y had some pretty solid puzzles. The ice gym’s rotating floors where you had to figure out the correct arrangement of the floors in order to walk across the way is probably my favorite.

    • Haha, as a kid, I loved the Vermillion City gym puzzle! It was a good guessing game to me.
      That was a good one! I have to replay X and Y at some point… I haven’t really explored the region since after my first play through of X.

      • XY is actually the one I have played the most, simply because I’ve Nuzlocked the game probably half a dozen times with different rules each time. It’s one of only three mainline Pokemon games I still own and I didn’t enjoy the other two as much.

        • I’ve never actually finished a Nuzlocke challenge, but I’m trying to do one on my LeafGreen version in my spare time. What other two mainline Pokemon games do you own?

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