Friday Favorites: Pokemon Theme Songs

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone!
With the 1000th episode of the Pokemon anime here in the US, the official Pokemon YouTube channel has recently been creating videos that show off all the theme songs of the anime throughout the years. Rachel and I watched them, the nostalgia coming in full force.
Born to Be a Winner (Pokemon: Johto League Champions)
I think that the Johto region of the anime series had some of the best theme songs. The anime was still fairly young, and the theme songs gave such a strong sense of the journey and doing your best along the way. Lyrically, it also borrowed from the original theme song, which I always thought was a nice tribute.
Unbeatable (Pokemon: Advanced Battle)
Unbeatable was from the Hoenn leg of the anime, another favorite time frame of mine from the anime series as a whole. It was just a fun theme song about confidence and never giving up.
Stand Tall (Pokemon: XYZ)
I’ll be honest, I haven’t really watched the anime since some of the Sinnoh episodes. Once Brock left the show, I tuned out too. However, we have seen some of the other movies that were set in the later regions, like Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. That movie had a full-length version of “Stand Tall,” the theme song to the XYZ season of the anime. I really enjoyed the beat and low tones of the song, as well as the message. It definitely made me want to return to the games to battle again!
Original Pokemon Theme Song (Pokemon: Indigo League)
C’mon, how can you not put this on a favorites list? The original theme is a classic, evoking the original sense of adventure and journey that comes with the Pokemon games and anime.

What are your favorite Pokemon theme songs?

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