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Double Jump Kris MiiI hope you guys aren’t sick of Pokemon posts yet! I mean, you can’t be, Sun and Moon were just announced recently, soooo….
Not too long ago, Rachel had put up a list of her top favorite and least favorite (rather, least used) Pokemon types. I found it to be rather amusing how half of her least used types were a few of my favorites. Without further ado, here is my list of favorite Pokemon types.
5. Grass & Poison
I’m the person who always chooses the Grass-type starter for her main run-through of a new region. Their gentle designs and powerful special attacks always appealed to me, especially when they were combined with the deadly poison moves.
4. Flying
Flying-types just always seemed fun. They’ve always seemed versatile and flexible, with many having a secondary type to increase their move set. Generally their speed is unrivaled, and I believe I’ve spoken before about how quick characters tend to be a favorite of mine.
3. Dark
Dark type Pokemon always were a favorite of mine since they appeared in the second generation. Umbreon, Houndoom, Mightyena, Scrafty, quite a few of my favorites have been at least part Dark. It’s another type that pairs well with Poison, too, especially since Fairy-types have appeared on the scene.
2. Steel
They may not have the best special defense, but Steel types have one of the highest resistance records, including Poison, which can be quite troublesome if you use it right. Paired with powerful moves, and it can be tough to take down a Steel-type.
1. Ground
Ground definitely crawled up this list with some of my recent run-throughs. Despite my love of speedy characters, I can’t help but adore the powerful moves of these Pokemon. They may be a little risky on the defensive side, but that just means it’s an extra challenge to come up with a proper strategy in battles with them.
What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) types?

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  1. Nice list! Here are my top 5:
    5. Fairy – That’s right. I like the Fairy type. It’s brand-new, and so Game Freak tried very hard to make this type the best it could be, being strong against Dragons and having weaknesses to types that aren’t common in competitive battle. The brand new typing inspired me to dive back into the Pokemon Trading Card Game after many years just to see what a Fairy deck would be like. As expected, even in the TCG, The Pokemon Company put quite a bit of effort into making Fairy types stand out with cohesive movesets and powerful combo potential.
    4. Dark – Dark types are just plain cool. Being one of two new types in the second generation helped make this type rise among the rest as an incredibly hot fad. The type’s popularity is warranted as some fine looking Pokemon came out of it such as Umbreon.
    3. Water – I’ve always loved Misty from the anime and the first generation. Some of my favorite Pokemon like Gyarados, Starmie, and Psyduck are water types. In the games, they are reliable for being super effective against a good number of types and not weak against most types. They are also traditionally bulky and great for competitive battles, making them desirable.
    2. Fire – My favorite Pokemon is Charizard, specifically Shiny Charizard and now Mega Charizard X. It follows suit that fire is one of my favorite types. Something about Flamethrower and Fire Blast seem powerful to me. In real life, fire is one of the scariest forces of nature, and Pokemon’s fire types ignite similar reactions.
    1. Psychic – When I was younger, I always thought that psychic powers of teleportation and telekinesis were very intriguing. The first generation’s psychic Pokemon were among the coolest with Mewtwo and Mew at the forefront. Since then, many legendaries were Psychic type, implying that there was something extraordinary about the type. Even though they aren’t overpowered anymore thanks to strong dark types, I still love them the most.

    • Fairy was definitely a nice challenge! I’ve known type match ups since the second generation, then Fairy comes along and throws a wrench in it, haha! I enjoyed reading the rest of your list too. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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