Friday Favorites: Rune Factory 4 NPC Characters

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!
Rune Factory 4 Special Edition was released for the Nintendo Switch a couple of months ago. I have the game for the 3DS and I enjoyed it enough to justify buying it again for the Switch. It was great to re-meet some of the colorful characters in the game! This Friday Favorites is dedicated to my favorite NPCs in the game.
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I adore Illuminata’s design! I want her hat. Aside from her design, she has a fun personality. Running the flower shop as her day job but being a detective at heart, her mind is always on the move. I always found it fun to run around with her trying to solve nonexistent cases, especially when she refers to your character as her “Watson.”
Bado amuses the hell out of me. The resident blacksmith, he looks like one of the strongest guys around, but he’s also one of the laziest. There is plenty of evidence that proves he would go out of his way to give anyone a hand that needs it, but it was always a bonus if he could make an easy paycheck.
I always seem to have a soft spot for the older characters of games (like Evelyn in Stardew Valley and Wendy Oldbag in the Ace Attorney games). Blossom is no exception. The sweet old lady makes the town feel just a little more homey, and I enjoy her relationship with Doug, especially when she scolds him for his recklessness when she used to be just as reckless!
Butler characters are always cool. Alfred Pennyworth, anyway? Volkanon is an excellent butler, being an expert in all sorts of areas, while never being afraid to show a more tender side to those he cares about, complete with manly tears.

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