Friday Favorites: SNES Classic Wish List

Double Jump Kris MiiWith the news of the SNES Classic coming out in a couple of months, people have been scrutinizing the list of games the console will be loaded with. While I have no complaints about the game list, there are a few that I wish made an appearance on the console.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
This classic arcade beat-em-up game was a favorite of Rachel’s and mine back when we were kids. It was perfect as a co-op game and quick enough to play within a couple of hours. Hearing the old school Ninja Turtles’ voices were great too!
Disney’s The Lion King
Disney had a few licensed games with Nintendo, like Aladdin and the Jungle Book, and The Lion King was one of the best. With the fun music and scenes from the movie, it worked well with the original SNES console. The game was short and sweet, making it a great game to play during an afternoon.
Tiny Toons Adventures: Buster Busts Loose
This was definitely a guilty pleasure game, a game filled with the ridiculousness that came with the Looney Toons. Tiny Toons was a spin-off of the Looney Toons for a younger generation, filled with characters that were the “students” of the original Looney Toons. I honestly don’t remember much of the plot of Buster Busts Loose, but I remember the fun, colorful scenes and high-energy music!
Goof Troop
This particular game I never really wanted to play as a kid. In fact, it was one of Rachel’s favorite games and, while it was never my first choice to play, I do remember having fun with Rachel while playing it. She was Max and I was Goofy and she had a penchant for throwing barrels at my character instead of actually trying to solve the puzzles!

What video games would you have liked to see on the SNES Classic console?

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  1. I’d have wanted ActRaiser, Final Fantasy II, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario All Stars (I know a bit redundant but still, it’s all three NES Mario games remastered).

    • Super Mario All Stars would have been a good one to include, especially since there are less games on the SNES Classic than the NES Classic.

  2. Chrono Trigger is the biggest absence as far as I am concerned.

  3. turtles in time although i loved, probably wouldn’t be fitting considering what else the SNES had
    I do think Chrono Trigger should have been on their and the entire DKC trilogy

  4. I haven’t played Turtles yet, but I love the other three you mentioned. They were my childhood favorites, and I’m glad you’re also fond of them. Goof Troop is especially underrated! It’s essentially a Legend of Zelda clone made by the guy who created Resident Evil! That last puzzle is brutal!

    • Turtles is so much fun — if you and Tiffa ever get the chance to play it, I’m sure you’ll have a blast! Rachel and I always do!
      I really don’t remember much of Goof Troop, to be honest. I mainly remember the beginning and Rachel chucking barrels at my character’s head, haha!

      • I so want to play Turtles! I bet we’d love the co-op elements, though I’ve also heard it’s pretty hard. I also have fond memories of chucking barrels in Goof Troop. It was cool to catch them from your partner, but I have to admit that seeing the characters go dizzy from getting hurt was fun.

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