Friday Favorites: Sonic the Hedgehog Songs

Double Jump Kris Mii Hello, hello! Thank God it’s Friday!
Rachel and I are going away next week with the family, which is great, but we’ll also be stuck in the car for the better part of the day. Normally I don’t mind being in the car for that long since I have my music, many of which are from video game soundtracks. While the games sometimes can be lacking, Sonic the Hedgehog titles can come out with some pretty good tunes, especially with Crush 40 at the helm!
Never Turn Back
The closing song of Shadow the Hedgehog, “Never Turn Back” combines rock with beautiful piano keystrokes for a song about moving forward.
Supporting Me
I love the dark tone of this song, especially the version from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Being used during the Biolizard boss fight, it amped up the tension and focus for the battle.
Open Your Heart
Sonic Adventure DX was one of my younger game self’s first foray into Sonic the Hedgehog games — the only experience we had with the original Sonic games was from an old arcade cabinet our dentist office used to have. This song, both in the opening and as the final boss’s theme, is cemented in my head with happy nostalgia.
What I’m Made Of
Sonic Heroes was not a great game, but I love the soundtrack! What I’m Made Of was an amazing final boss song, one that made me want to take on a thousand bad guys barehanded.

What are some of your favorite songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog series? Either lyrical or instrumental?

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  2. The old Sonic Genesis games had some of the best video game music ever. I don’t think a lot of people know this but Michael Jackson produced music for Sonic The Hedgehog 3. Anyway in terms of favorite music Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Casino Night Zone (2P), Sky Sanctuary Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Final Zone (Sonic 1), Boss Theme (1-3). I think I may be forgetting some. I plan on doing a music post based on Sonic music later on down the line.

    • I think I heard about Michael Jackson producing some of the music, probably when I was doing a little research for this post — it’s an amazing fun fact!
      The instrumental tracks for the Sonic games were always fantastic. I think one of this franchise’s strongest suits is their music. Looking forward to seeing your post! 🙂

  3. Supporting Me is one of my favorite tracks from SA2. Also Sonic 06 despite the hate actually has a pretty great soundtrack.

    • I actually discovered Dreams of an Absolution — Silver’s theme — while making this list. Was that Sonic 06? I love the song, but didn’t include it since I never played the game.

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