Friday Favorites: Super Smash Bros Stages

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There are so many new video games that Rachel and I have to try out and play, along with some old favorites from our SNES Classic. With that said, there are definitely some games we’re missing right now, like the Super Smash Bros. series. Can’t wait until a port or a new installment appears on the Switch!
Castle Siege from Fire Emblem series
I’m a sucker for the Fire Emblem franchise, and I really enjoyed playing on the fantasy-inspired Castle Siege map in Smash Bros. With the stage switching the scenery every so often, players need to stay on their toes so they don’t accidentally get lost in the transition.
Poke Floats
This was always a fun little stage. Not only do you have to contend with people trying to literally knock you out of the sky, you also have to make sure you don’t fall off of the floating Pokemon balloons.
Final Destination
This is probably the stage that we fight on the most. Just a leveled area that’s a decent size to have a full-out brawl on, especially if you have no items on. The space-like backgrounds always helped the mood as well.
The Temple from the Legend of Zelda series
This was always a favorite stage, especially when we used to play Melee with our non-gamer friends. It was large enough for nooks and crannies to let you hide for a bit of a breather (or figure out the buttons), but also provided the challenge of needing to rack up enough damage on your opponents to send them flying off the stage. The aesthetic was also just tons of fun.

What are your favorite Super Smash Bros. stages? What ones are you hoping will appear in a new Smash installment?

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  1. I’m not the biggest Smash fan so my memory of the stages is a bit rough but I remember liking a Metroid stage, with lava and such, and I think it was an Earthbound stage that took place in a little town area with a couple houses.

    • Yeah, I agree with the Metroid stage. I liked how you had to keep moving to avoid the rising fireball of death. I also liked the Star Fox stage for the random Arwing attacks.

      • Corneria was a popular stage in my house as well. It seemed to be just the right size, and the Arwing attacks brought about some random chaos. 🙂

    • The lava startled us so much when we first played that stage, haha! The Earthbound stage was fun too. It was small enough so it got a little crowded and, if you weren’t paying attention, you could fly off from a car hitting you.

  2. Ahh Smash Bros… My brothers and I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing this series!
    My personal favourite stages include Corneria, Final Destination, Battlefield and Brinstar. I like the Temple stage, but sometimes it’s too big to keep track of all the action…

    • It was always a favorite at our house, too! Can’t wait until there’s a port or new installment for the Nintendo Switch!
      Those are all excellent stages! I should have included Corneria on this list, as it was one of the more popular picks whenever we played it. With the Temple, yes, it seemed too big for all the action that happened sometimes, but it was a bit of a challenge in going after your opponents to rack up their damage enough to send them flying. Smaller stages are easier to knock opponents off of, but I feel that bigger stages take a little more strategy. Remember the Great Bay stage from Melee, with the turtle? That was a good-sized stage, in my opinion.

  3. I love the Temple stage from Zelda, too, for the reasons you mentioned and the music. Zelda: The Adventure of Link was not a game I liked, but the temple music was pretty cool. I also like the F-Zero Stage from Melee. The one where you’re fighting on top an F-Zero racer. I forget the name of the stage. The music enhances the action.

    • Ahhh, can’t forget the music! Music is probably one of my favorite aspects of video games. If the music can’t help keep you in the world or enhance the experience, I have a difficult time focusing on the game. The F-Zero stage was great too — we had a lot of fun with the stages that make you keep moving while fighting!

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