Friday Favorites: Sword & Shield Wish List

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!
Like a couple of weeks ago, this Friday’s Favorites post is dedicated to a wish list. With Nintendo’s latest Pokemon direct, there is so much speculation and hope about the newest Pokemon games coming out, Sword and Shield. Here is what I wish to see in the games.
True Co-Op
I have no idea how plausible this is. However, when the Let’s Go duo was released and boasted a co-op mode, Rachel and I were disappointed at it. Granted, it was fun seeing another trainer run around with you in the over world and help out with battles, but it wasn’t what we expected or wanted. I would love to see a co-op mode where your trainer is exploring and battling on their own, but your friend’s trainer is still there in the over world doing their own thing as well. I want to experience the journey with my friend’s avatar there beside mine, even if all we get is just seeing the other avatar running around. Of course, granting us the option to do double-battles together, each with our own Pokemon, against NPCs would be awesome. We’re able to go online with Smash and Mario Kart together — why not Pokemon? (Or would this be too close to a Pokemon MMORPG?)
Pokemon Following the MC
I don’t remember seeing Pokemon following the main characters around in Sword and Shield’s footage from the direct. I understand that not all the footage was from the game and the game itself wouldn’t be finalized just yet, so I’m remaining optimistic that they keep the option of having your Pokemon follow you around as you explore the region. It was adorable, fun, and since random battles seem to be back rather than over world Pokemon, it’ll help the game seem more alive.
A Good Story
I want to be completely invested in the plot line of Sword and Shield’s adventure. I’m sure it’ll boil down to the world needs to be saved by your young MC, but still. Give me a story to truly care about. I adored the story lines involving the regions’ legendaries in the earlier generations, especially Johto and Hoenn, and I severely miss the extra oomph that the stories received in the third-tier games. Speaking of which…
A Third Game
This is obviously a long way off, but I would love it if Nintendo went back to bolstering the story lines of the games with a third game for the region. Crystal and Emerald were some of my favorites and I was seriously disappointed that Black 2 and White 2 existed instead of Pokemon Gray for the Unova region. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon didn’t bring much of anything new to the Alola region, and poor Kalos was skipped out entirely when a plot line involving Zygarde could have been created to balance out X and Y. I’m hoping Sword and Shield will break the trend of “sequel” games for the Galar region and give us a more in-depth story with a third Galar game.

Are you looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield? What are you hoping for in the new Pokemon generation? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. As a scrub trainer, I really liked how Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon told you which moves were super effective or not very effective right on the menu. They took that out in Let’s Go, which led to some awkward moments where my moves didn’t work at all. I really hope that returns for Sword and Shield, cause not everyone is a master trainer like you two.

    • I kind of forgot that Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon did that, but I do remember appreciating it, especially for Fairy-types. I’m still rusty on that newer typing, lol. Having that as an option would be great! I personally wouldn’t mind having it off, but if there are new types or something, it’d be great to have the ability to toggle it on.

  2. You sprawled pretty much everything I want in Pokemon Sword and Shield as well.
    Yeah, I wish Game Freak’s highly anticipated Sword and Shield supports cooperative multiplayer just like Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! but the second player should have his own inventory and pokemon and should be able to interact with wild pokemon or NPCs.
    I agree that it would be awesome as well if Pokemon can follow the main character on the overworld. I remember this feature from Pokemon Yellow on the Game Boy. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver further enhanced this mechanic.
    It should definitely have a good story and a third game.
    In addition, there should be a dedicated Skip Button for Dialogue and Cutscenes. I remember Sun&Moon kinda suffering in terms of replayability for not having this feature.
    Lastly, fantastic post!

    • We were so hoping the second player could use his/her own team with the co-op mode, such as the game being able to pull the data from another account. We probably wouldn’t mind investing in a second Switch if the two consoles could communicate with each other for us to play together like that.
      Pokemon Yellow was my first Pokemon game, and I remember being so excited to see the return of following Pokemon in HeartGold and SoulSilver. It’s also one of my favorite aspects of the Let’s Go titles. We didn’t really get a glimpse of Pokemon following the trainers around in the teaser, but I still hope it’s a feature.
      A dedicated Skip Button would be a great idea. Agreed that Sun and Moon could have used that. I feel as if the beginning of those games were so slow.
      Thanks very much for the kind words and sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  3. I just want a world that feels big.

    • I agree! I think that’s the hope with the camera angles that the teaser showed off. Imagine if it was something like Breath of the Wild… That’d be fantastic!
      Granted, I would really like an MMORPG that somehow spanned all eight regions, lol. Wonder if something like that would ever happen one day.

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