Friday Favorites: The Thousand Year Door Partners

Double Jump Kris MiiHoly long titles…
Last week I dedicated a list to some of my favorite partner characters in the original Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64. Considering there were so many contenders for the spots on the list, I chose to dedicate this week’s list to the partner characters of the game’s sequel, The Thousand Year Door. Feel free to share your favorites if you haven’t already in the comments!
4. Goombella
More or less a clone of Goombario from the original Paper Mario, Goombella’s sass helps secure her position on this list. Her Tattle ability is insanely useful if you don’t mind the turn it uses up.
3. Madame Flurrie
Madame Flurrie was just absolutely fabulous, both with her personality and abilities, and she knew it! ‘Nough said.
2. Vivian
Along with having some of the most powerful moves in the game, Vivian was also really endearing with her story line and character development throughout the adventure. She started off having an inferior complex and overcame it enough to really shine.
1. Yoshi Kid (a.k.a. Rascal)
Who doesn’t love Yoshi characters?! This little guy, who Rachel and I tended to name Rascal, was a tough kid that had no problem jumping into the fray to help Mario.
What were your favorite Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door partners and characters?

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  1. I know I jumped the gun the first post and included Vivian and Yoshi already. That said, I wholeheartedly agree with your list! I’m saddened that partner characters don’t exist in the series anymore. I’m even more sad how Paper Mario games are like today, but that’s another story that shouldn’t take away from how great TTYD characters are!

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