Friday Favorites: Tracks with Lyrics

Double Jump Kris Mii Hello, hello! Kris here on a lovely Friday!
This Friday Favorites post is dedicated to some of my favorite tracks from video games with lyrics. Soundtracks from video games are some of my favorite tunes to listen to in general, but there are always a few lyrical tracks that get stuck in your head (for better or for worst).
Donkey Kong 64
This song is just hysterical. The animation for the characters is spot on and the tune will definitely be stuck with you for a while!


Simple and Clean
This beautiful tune, along with the opening animation, is just gorgeous. I still have the old burned CD that my friend gave me about ten years ago in high school with the original English version, a remixed version, and then both of those versions in Japanese.


City Escape
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was not the best Sonic game, we all know this. However, it did have some damn catchy music, especially City Escape!


Azura’s Song
Fire Emblem: Fates brought along a new character, a dancer named Azura in the English version. She sings this particular song throughout the games, and I found myself using her in battle more often than I thought I would because of this song.


What are you favorite video game songs?

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  1. Nice choices! I’m a big fan of most 3D Sonic songs, as cheesy as they are. I’ve even been to a Crush 40 concert! I tend to enjoy songs that are used throughout the game, and then it turns out there’s a vocal version usually played during the credits. Some examples are the themes for Final Fantasy VIII – X, Karma from Tales of the Abyss, Reset from Okami, Ballad to Light from Bravely Default, and Ganbare Goemon/I Am Impact from Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon!

    1. I’m so jealous you got to see Crush 40 in concert! I love their music! Agreed on Final Fantasy and Okami. Haven’t played much of the others, but I’ve been meaning to get around to them. Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

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