Friday Favorites: Wanted Pokemon Features

Double Jump Kris MiiIt’s November 18th, and here in the United States, Pokemon Sun and Moon are officially out!
No worries, there are no spoilers in this post (at least, not on purpose). While Rachel and I each have a version (thanks to Amazon’s pre-order option), I’m not planning on playing the game for another week. I also haven’t even played the demo, eager to keep the anticipation before really diving into the adventure. Here’s a short list of things that I would have loved to see in Sun and Moon.
3. Challenging Enemy Team
We’ve seen plenty of information on Team Skull of the Alola Region, and I’m sure they’ll be a good challenge like teams of previous games. However, most teams that we’ve encountered in past games all had the same general roster of Pokemon, usually Poison and Dark types. I’m hoping we’ll see much more variety in the battles against Team Skull.
2. Dark-Type Gym
I understand that Alola has trials rather than gyms, but I’m presuming that the trials will still have battles. Considering that the Dark-type, while having been featured in Elite Four battles, hasn’t had its own gym since its introduction in Generation II. It’d be awesome if the Dark-type got more love.
1. Walking Pokemon
I so miss the walking Pokemon concept from Pokemon Yellow, SoulSilver and HeartGold! I thought that feature was adorable, and it was great seeing your favorite Pokemon out in the overworld. Although I haven’t seen any evidence of it happening in the Alola regions, especially since Pokemon Amie seems to have replaced it, I would love to see it again in the future.
1/2. Pokemon Eclipse.
A third tier of Sun and Moon, named Stars, seems to be in the works for the Nintendo Switch. It’s reported that it’ll be like the previous third-tier games — similar to the first two versions of the generation but having special bonuses or an expanded story line. I honestly cannot wait for the third tier game, but I do believe that the game should be called Pokemon Eclipse rather than Stars, haha. It would make more sense, don’t you think?
What are some of your favorite features in the Pokemon games?

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