Friday Favorites: Winter Levels

Double Jump Kris MiiWe made it to the first Friday of 2018! How are your resolutions holding up?
I’m typing this out as a snowstorm blankets my part of the world. It’s been predicted that we could get blizzard-like conditions, prompting my day job to have a very rare snow day. In honor of the snow, today’s Friday Favorites is dedicated to all of those winter levels in video games. If you’re getting snow where you are, be safe and warm!
Gorilla Glacier from Donkey Kong Country
The winter world in Donkey Kong Country from the SNES was one of my favorites. The levels tended to have some of my favorite music and the aesthetically-pleasing sparkle of snow and ice, such as Slipslide Ride, Ice Age Valley, and Croctopus Chase.
Cool, Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64
Baby penguins, ice slide races, a giant snowman… What more could you want in a level? Super Mario 64 was revolutionary at its time and is still one of the most popular Mario games. Cool, Cool Mountain was one of the earlier levels and gave the player a taste of 3D snow worlds. With its design and music, it’s one of the most nostalgic-inducing levels for me.
Ice Ice Outpost from Mario Kart 8
One of the main factors that helped Rachel and me decide to buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch was due to the fact that it had all of the DLC from the original game. With the DLC came the Triforce Cup, and one of the race tracks from that cup is Ice Ice Outpost. The twists and multiple paths surrounded by sheets of ice make this a favorite of mine, even if it is not my best course, haha!
Snowpeak Ruins from Twilight Princess
In the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you’re introduced to Snowpeak Ruins after snow-surfing toward a Yeti couple’s home. This particular dungeon blends the night, crackling fires, and snow flurries together to create a scene that can be deceptively warm on a winter’s evening. Snowpeak Ruins is a more puzzle-oriented dungeon while you chat and try to help the Yeti husband make a soup for his beloved wife. The boss fight is one of my favorites from the game as well!

What are your favorite winter and snowy levels in video games?

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Ice Cap from Sonic. Gotta love those snowboarding sections!

  2. Lots of love for Snowpeak Ruins recently – such a great level, and very atmospheric! The music makes that whole section.

  3. I’m not the biggest fan of ice levels in games but I do think that they work well in racing games and Mount Wario in MK8 is one of my current favorites (I love that it is a straight track as opposed to a lap loop). Also the Blizzard Mountain expansion for Forza Horizon is pretty great. And while I don’t have a favorite course from it, this topic has made me want to revisit SSX (2012).

    • Mount Wario is one of my favorites, too, especially because it’s not a lap loop. It was really well done!
      While I’ve heard of SSX, I haven’t heard of Forza Horizon… I’ll have to read up on that. 🙂

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