Friday Favorites: Worlds to Live

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Everyone has had those fantasies where you live in a beloved video game world rather than reality. This week’s Friday Favorites list is to celebrate those certain worlds that I would love to at least visit.
No matter the reincarnation, Hyrule is always a beautiful place (you know, before and/or after the Ganondorf of that time takes over). The castle town always seems bustling, Kakariko Village is rich in history, and whatever quaint little hometown that Link comes from seems charming. Not to mention all the different races to get to know!
Mushroom Kingdom
Okay, so you probably have to deal with some sort of destruction caused by Bowser every week, but other than that, the Mushroom Kingdom doesn’t seem to be a bad place to live. The Toads are a friendly group of folks, the Mario brothers are always there to lend a hand, Yoshis are adorable, and Princess Peach seems like a benevolent ruler.
Harvest Moon
Seriously, who wouldn’t want to live in a Harvest Moon game? Quaint villages, working on a ranch of your own, plenty of (usually) friendly people to surround yourself with — it sounds perfect to me!
Seriously, who hasn’t wanted to be a Pokemon master? Having a group of superpowered creatures to travel throughout the lands with sounds amazing (as long as, you know, the world doesn’t play by the Nuzlocke rules).
What kind of video game worlds would you like to visit?

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  1. It would have to be the world of Pokemon for me. I went as far as recreating Pokemon journeys and making up stats for my Pokemon using paper and pen when I was younger! This is with the caveat that every dangerous thing that Pokemon do like breathe fire and electrocute are less harmful than in our world. In the anime, at least, it shows everyone constantly getting burnt and electrocuted, so I’d hope it’s a relatively safe world despite crazy larger-than-life death creatures!

    • Creating a new region was definitely something I’ve done as well! I have so many Pokemon fanfictions of imagined journeys… It would be an incredibly dangerous world unless its rules were more like the anime, haha!

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