Friday Favorites: Zelda Bosses

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Everyone loves a good boss fight, and the Legend of Zelda series has an abundance of them! Listed below are a few of my favorite boss fights from a few of my favorite Zelda games.
Volvagia (Ocarina of Time)
This boss may or may not be on this list just because I enjoyed using the Megaton Hammer. The boss fight was a good one, and I definitely liked Volvagia’s design. Even though it’s not canon, I also liked his more tragic role in the Ocarina of Time manga.
Helmaroc King (The Wind Waker)
This beast of a bird was an awesome battle! I love the battles that have that sense of urgency, the kind where you have to keep moving in order to stay alive. The first part of this fight had us dashing up stairs, avoiding both the Helmaroc King and bokoblins before we emerged on the roof for a show-down with the bird. It helped that we also used the hammer weapon in this battle, too.
Vaati (Four Swords Adventures)
Four Swords Adventures is one of my favorite games to play with others, most notably Rachel because we make an awesome team, even if we do spend time making our characters annoy the hell out of each other. Vaati was a challenge for us, especially when Rachel hysterically kept falling down the pits in the room!
Stallord (Twilight Princess)
Another always-on-the-move boss fight, Stallord was a great challenge. The spinner was an interesting choice of weapon, and I remember getting a little frustrated with this boss fight. All in all though, it was definitely fun. I honestly can’t wait to see this bugger in the HD version of the game when I get it!
Ghirahim (Skyward Sword)
This dude is just insane! Absolutely fabulous, but also insane. He was one of the first major boss fights of the game and presented a challenge, but his cut-scenes and dialogue were also right up there on my list of favorites. (Especially his dancing near the end of the game when he’s using Zelda to revive his master!)
Who or what are some of your favorite (or least favorite) bosses?

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  1. Great list! My favorite of the ones on the list is Stallord. It felt like a wild roller-coaster ride, but still remained challenging. Stallord single-handedly made the Spinner an awesome item!
    As for some of my favorite bosses, I love Goht so much. The original Majora’s Mask version is better than the 3D version, but both provide the same on-the-move action that Stallord does. Koloktos of the Ancient Cistern (Skyward Sword) is another excellent boss. Wielding that huge sword with the motion controls felt so exhilarating. I could feel the weight every time I swung the Wiimote. He was an excellent boss to an awesome dungeon!

    1. Stallord did make the spinner amazing! If Link had to lug that thing around, at least Stallord made it worthwhile! I remember Goht — I believe that was the farthest I got in that game (I know, I’m a horrible Zelda fan). Koloktos was totally intimidating. I remember being like, “What is this nonsense?!” Agreed that he was an excellent boss, though! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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