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We’re at the start of July! Everyone have some good summer plans? A list of video games to play when it’s just too hot to go outside? You can’t go wrong with Legend of Zelda games. To celebrate the characters in those games, and the fact that Amiibo Wolf Link can be your partner in Breath of the Wild, here’s a list of my favorite partners.
4. Epona
Although she’s not the traditional partner in that she’s there to give advice and help you with targeting your enemies, Epona is nonetheless an important character to Link. She’s his faithful horse, always willing to carry Link across the land. In Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, just riding Epona across the world was one of my favorite things to do.
3. Navi
If you’re a fan of Ocarina of Time, you either loved or hated Navi. Generally, there was no in between. As for me, I enjoyed having Navi by my side. Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game, so having a bright little fairy willing to brave through dungeons with you and give you advice (some of which wasn’t very helpful, I’ll admit) was awesome to me. Sure, she spoke a lot, and half the time she startled me with her random, “HEY! LISTEN!” but I enjoyed her company nonetheless.
2. Midna
Who doesn’t love Midna? She’s sassy, tough, and takes no prisoners. Sure, she’s more or less just using Link at first, but her character development is wonderful throughout the game. Her abilities combined with Wolf Link were tons of fun to exploit and play around with as well.
1. Fi
I adored Fi in Skyward Sword! Her character design is gorgeous — some of my favorite parts were watching her dance as she delivered the messages of the goddess. Her “Captain Obvious” routines were a bit tiresome, but I liked having her around. It was fun seeing how she reacted to the world and the special connection she has to the Master Sword was a wonderful touch to the Legend of Zelda lore. She also kicks ass in Hyrule Warriors, haha!
What are some of your favorite Legend of Zelda partners and characters?

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  1. I can’t believe I never think of Epona as a partner character, but you’re so right. Excellent thought there!
    Here are some of my favorites:
    3. Wolf Link – Okay, obviously Breath of the Wild isn’t out yet, but he just seems like the perfect partner to have when you’re alone in the woods. He seems so loyal!
    2. Zelda – Let me explain. I’m specifically talking about partner Zelda from Spirit Tracks, in which her soul actually follows you around and inhabits Phantoms. She is a very underrated partner, not to mention an underrated iteration of Zelda. She is very sassy and has more personality than any other Zelda I’ve seen thus far. She’s great!
    1. Midna – Midna is a great partner for all the reasons you listed. I also love her voice, which sounds like gibberish, but is just so memorable. I love everything about her especially as it gets towards the end of the game.

    1. I am SO excited about having Wolf Link as a partner! That’s actually what had inspired this post, haha!
      I can’t take all the credit for thinking of Epona. I actually searched for a list of partners since I didn’t want to accidentally forget anyone, and there was Epona and the Crimson Loftwing on some list I found. Considering riding (and flying) was one of my favorite aspects of the games, I thought Epona fit right in.
      I honestly haven’t played Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass. I suppose I should get on that, especially since there’s a sassy Zelda helping you out! xD

      1. I’m glad Wolf Link was so inspiring for you! Seems like Link will have two partners in Breath of the Wild then: wolf and horse! I personally didn’t like Phantom Hourglass, but enjoyed Spirit Tracks. Both use the same touch controls and make you go through a dungeon with Phantoms. ST had the bonus of being able to control a sassy Zelda who also acted as your partner, and that was part of what gave it an edge over PH!

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