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Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!
With the Nintendo Switch coming out right around the corner, I’ve come to realize that I’ll be spending all my time playing new games.
Yet, there are so many other games that I’ve started, even reviewed on here, but have yet to complete them.
1. Yoshi’s Woolly World
Kris and I have been playing this game together. We bought it with a love of Yoshi deep down in our hearts. And what’s better than a Yoshi? A plush Yoshi! This game was so much fun and adorable. However, once we posted our review of the game, we stopped playing to play some other games for review. It’s been a while and I would love to get back to it for some casual play.
2. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
Kris and I decided to “challenge” each other and picked out a game for the other play. A game we wouldn’t normally play. She chose Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones for me. I enjoyed the game and got about halfway through it (I think), but our deadline got the best of me and I have yet to complete it. I still plan to finish it in the near future. The game is hers, but it’s still mixed in with all my handheld games.
3. Mario Party Star Rush
This isn’t exactly a game you can “beat,” though I do want to do some more exploring of it. I also want to try my hand at the multiplayer mode because I think that would me much more fun than playing alone. I’ve played through all the boards and such, which is why I stopped playing. It was beginning to get repetitive and, in turn, boring. However, before I write my review of it, I want to play through as much of it as I can.
There are plenty of other games that I need to play through and beat, some that I haven’t played in a while (meaning, before we started this blog a year ago), but for now, these are the top three that I hope to finish soon.

Are there any games that you started and haven’t finished yet? Do you plan on beating them soon? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. What is sacred stones like? I’ve been thinking of trying it out. Yoshi’s woolly world is a game I hope to play someday but maybe don’t plan to buy any time soon. But boy, does it look pretty…
    I still need to finish the last guardian. I’m putting aside a couple of hours a week for it, so am slowly getting there. Also, Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade X are both games that I’ve started, spent 20 – 30 hours in, and then never gone back to. Gah! I must do better than this! 😛

    1. Sacred Stones is a lot of fun! It’s the one and only Fire Emblem game I’ve ever played, but I know a lot about the games from my sister. So, with that said, it’s like the other games but when you get to a certain point you can choose which character you want to be/follow. So you end up splitting up from your sibling. After I finish it, I’m going to have to play again to play through the other path.
      Yoshi’s Woolly World is so much fun! Though, I have to admit, it’s the type of game that’s more fun when you have more players playing.
      Xenoblade Chronicles is on my list. I’ve never played it, but I hope to soon!

      1. Wow. I didn’t know that. It sounds interesting! I’ll definitely pick up Sacred Stones at some point, then. 😀
        Xenoblade Chronicles is a real treat. It’ll keep you busy, for sure. With so much to do, it can be a little overwhelming, even!

  2. I have a lot of games in my backlog. The vast majority of them are RPGs, which means they’ll stay in the backlog where they belong. Haha, I kid. I love RPGs, but they’re so long so sometimes I’ll get partway through before I move on to the next game. Some of the big ones I want to beat within this year are Bravely Second, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, World of Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest VII. I say that now, and yet my current game is Dragon Quest VIII for review, haha.

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