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As you may have noticed, Rachel and I occasionally do debates. We try to aim for at least one a month and even had a fantastic brainstorming session to figure out potential topics. The only downside to these debates? Rachel and I tend to have very similar tastes when it comes to video games.

Yes, we have debate topics for at least the rest of 2019. However, it’s been hard to choose topics and to even write the debates because we agree on most things. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a lot of our debates have been us agreeing on the same thing but one of us just playing devil’s advocate.

On the plus side to playing devil’s advocate, writing for the other side is great practice! There haven’t been too many debate topics where we actually took different sides, where there? I think physical versus digital games and, of course, Harvest Moon versus Animal Crossing, was one of the few.

There are some obvious debates where our opinions were different, but most of them not so much. We’re just too similar. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing and you’re right, playing devil’s advocate can be fun. Still, we’re on the hunt for some new debate topics.

It’s not a bad thing at all, especially when we consider how often we play video games together. It’s great that we have so much in common so we don’t argue over what games to play often. In any case, it’d be great if we could get some topics where we actually had solid, opposite opinions on.

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I think it’s funny, actually. I think the only time we really have differences is some indie games that we’ve gotten review copies for and have played. If you’re not too into a game, you’re just done whereas I like to go just a little bit farther.

In those cases, while I do my best to take the time to get used to a new game, but if I’m not into it, I’d rather spend my time playing a game I enjoy. So many games, so little time! Other than that, though, there still aren’t too many differences between us, but it’d be great to actually have more debate topics and see where we fall on the subjects.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
So, with all that said, if you have any debate topics for us, please feel free to drop them in the comments below. We’re constantly thinking of new debates and challenges for each other, so we’re definitely interested to see what you guys think.

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  1. I don’t really have any suggestions other than debating which of two games from a series are your favorites. You could pick duels that involve titles you know are each other’s favorites. But maybe you also have a high rate of agreement on topics like those.

    • We do have similar tastes, that’s part of the problem, lol. I mean, we make do and even when one of us plays devil’s advocate, we still have fun writing the debates.

    • We have a few thoughts like that but, as Rachel mentioned, we do tend to agree a lot, lol. We’re working on it, though, and we’re each trying to branch out with our solo reviews a bit more as well. 🙂

  2. Debate about who’s better at Mariokart.

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