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I know I keep repeating myself, but… it’s been such a long summer. I’m finally getting back into my normal routine and that includes getting excited about video games again.
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I went into some sort of a “gaming funk,” if you will, over the past few months. I wasn’t into any games at all. I was looking forward to certain games – more on that in a minute – but I just felt like I had “no games to play.”
You know, despite the rows and rows of games I have on my shelves in addition to all the digital downloads I have on various home consoles and handhelds.
Anyway, I barely touched the Nintendo Switch, which was weird for me. Then Fire Emblem: Three Houses released and Kris was super excited for that. She was playing it all the time and I even let her take the Switch with her when she went dog-sitting for a week. Needless to say, even if I wanted to play a game, Kris had already booked the console for herself for the next few weeks.
I don’t say this as a complaint or saying that she “hogs” the Switch at all, but it didn’t help my gaming funk. In fact, it gave me all the morning reason not to play anything or start something new.
There are a lot of games coming to the Nintendo Switch within the next couple of months. I’ve been looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and Animal Crossing New Horizons for quite some time.
My birthday came and went and my sister and parents pre-ordered Link’s Awakening and Luigi’s Mansion 3 for me. With my birthday money, I pre-ordered myself the Nintendo Switch Lite. I’m going to be getting birthday presents for months!
Now that I know I’m getting those two games but also getting my own Switch, I have been super excited and itching to play games. Now the problem is… I have to wait for these games (and the console) to release.

Have you ever stopped gaming for a long period of time? What games are you most looking forward to playing soon? Let me know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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  1. I also had a bit of a slower summer and only played a couple games the whole time. But now that Fall is approaching, there’s so many new ones coming out! Dragon Quest 11, Link’s Awakening, Greedfall, Pokémon…it’s going to be an awesome end of the year for games!

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