#GamingTogether – December 2018


We’re still doing #GamingTogether on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr during the weekdays! This time around, we decided to answer a couple of questions together. These questions were a few picked from the first half of December.

We’re having fun coming up with the questions and seeing what other people have for answers. We don’t answer them often though, so here are just a few answers.

1: Who’s your favorite female video game character?

Kris: My first instinct would be to say Princess Zelda (and Sheik) from the Legend of Zelda series. However, I’ve always liked the various versions of Impa as well, and Urbosa is near the top of my list from Breath of the Wild. For a non-Zelda character, I like Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening and Mia Fey from the Ace Attorney original trilogy.
Rachel: I have to be kind of cliche and go with Princess Zelda here. But also, totally forgot about Ace Attorney and I second Mia Fey.

2: Who’s your favorite male video game character?

Kris: Geno (if he counts, ya know, being a doll and all) from Super Mario RPG, Link from the Legend of Zelda series, and Professor Layton from his own series.
Rachel: Miles Edgeworth. Yes.

3: Are you typically Player One or Player Two?

Kris: Player one! When I was younger and our older sister used to play once in while, I was player two.
Rachel: Player two, duh.

4: What’s your favorite movie or TV show based on a video game?

Kris: I have fond memories of a few episodes of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog from when I was much younger. The Super Mario Bros. movie was also great!
Rachel: Pokemon, forever and always!

5: Have you ever forgotten to save your game and had to start all over (or your file was corrupted)?

Kris: Not really corrupted, but my copy of the original Fire Emblem game for the GameBoy Advance was a used copy that my parents found for me for Christmas. I was so excited to play it, only to beat Lyn’s story twice before realizing that the save battery was dead. I couldn’t save my progress at all. For a while, I even left my GameBoy Advance plugged in and on 24/7 to try to complete the game. I believe I was almost done with Eliwood’s story before finally calling it quits and giving my handheld a rest.
Rachel: Yes… During my first play through of Pokemon Crystal, I had gotten about four or five badges in one sitting and never thought to save. I turned it off, went back to the game the next day, and was so disappointed when I only had one badge. It was a sad day.

Did you get a chance to answer these questions? If not, what are your responses? Let us know in the comments below!

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