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There’s over 800 Pokemon in the Pokemon universe and with each new region, you make new friends to journey with. You can catch all the Pokemon in the world, but you can only carry six Pokemon at a time with you. So, how do you choose?

I tend to not plan my teams before playing the games. There are certain types that I prefer over others, especially move-wise more so than Pokemon-wise. For instance, I tend to favor the Grass-type starters, usually with Poison-type moves, and Ground- and Flying-type moves are some of my favorites as well. While I try to catch every new Pokemon that I come across on my journey, it’s always up in the air as to which Pokemon will end up in my final team.

You definitely play the games more “spur-the-moment” than I do. I mean, I don’t typically plan my team either, but I do have a certain formula. I try to have a team that region-exclusive to the game I’m currently playing. I typically nab the fire starter and the rest of my team is filled with a water, grass, flying, and electric type. That sixth slot is, as I call it, a “freebie” and can be filled with any Pokemon I fall in love with, no matter the type.

Yes, I try not to look too much into the game before playing. In today’s age of the Internet, it’s really difficult — for instance, the X/Y Pokemon were all leaked and showed off before the games were actually released and it destroyed part of the adventure for me. I love how you have a formula, if you will, for your teams, Rachel! I’m no stranger to having multiple of the same types, usually move-wise, on my teams. My teams’ strengths and weaknesses are more fluid and overlap with each other, while Rachel’s team is more clear-cut and planned.

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I agree with that. I try not to spoil anything for myself either. I never know what Pokemon will be on my team, I just know what specific types I want. Then again, you know me. I’m super organized and need to have a plan for everything! Still, there’s a lot about my team that remains the same. I always get the fire starter, for example.

Aside from you just loving Fire-types, it makes sense for you to pick that starter with your plan for the types on your team. Fire-types is one of the rarer types in the games, so if you want one for your team, nabbing the starter makes sense. I tend to go for the Grass-types because of their move versatility and the fact that Bulbasaur was my first ever pick for a starter, so I keep the tradition in honor of him.

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We all have our favorites! Adding the diversity of types helps your team be more well-rounded and can help in the long run. Though it is fun to try to have all one type or, I’ve done this before, get through the game with just your starter Pokemon.

What do your Pokemon teams typically look like? Do you plan it out ahead of time? Let us know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. I always plan my teams before I go into a Pokémon game. I even have some pre-formatted spreadsheets where I usually organize my team, their attacks, and abilities to see how they will cover all types in terms of attack, defense, and resistance! =D
    But I think both the planned and non-planned approaches are great.

    • That’s awesome that you do that! I’ve watched the tournaments and have wanted to set up teams like that but haven’t. That’d be cool though.

  2. The answer to me is “whichever can get me past the first gym.” This is a lingering relic of R/B/Y, where being unlucky enough choose the fire one means you have a giant uphill climb against the gym leader. Game Freak’s love of putting rock-types first out of the gate meant I had a big bias against fire types.
    So, whoever can get me out of the first gym without much difficulty and into the open where there’s more room to build a diverse team is who I pick. That’s the sole planning I do. Except for Sun/Moon, which I ran completely blind-and had a blast doing so.

    • Ha! I can agree with you on that one. The beginning of the games can be pretty slow and tedious depending on what you choose. It really is the most important decision you’ll ever make.

  3. While playing the story, I typically just pick Pokemon whose types complement my starter’s. But for competitive teams, I plan it out way in advance, analyzing stats, weaknesses, type coverage, and synergy. I get really into making battle-ready teams, and sometimes planning and creating the team is even more fun for me than battling. I know, I’m weird, haha!

    • I don’t think that’s weird at all! I want to create competitive teams, but I’m too focused on just catching them all, lol. Plus, I don’t know where to start!

      • I usually just focus on one Pokemon that I found interesting that generation, maybe because of a type combo or a unique ability, and have that as my main. Then I see what Pokemon complement that, based on types and stats. I try to nickname them referencing a coherent theme, like anime characters of Final Fantasy names. Haha.

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