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It’s Thanksgiving day in our neck of the woods and we’ve certainly got a lot to be thankful for this year. 2019 was an odd year, to say the least, but the gaming community has been kind to us. As always, we continue to meet some wonderful gamers and get the opportunity to work with them as well.

We’ve done a couple of collaborations this year with some awesome people, and we have more planned for the future. We’re thankful to be able to work with all of you, including Jett from InThirdPerson, Justin from TWOTALL4UFOOL, and a giant collaboration in the works over at Normal Happenings for next year.

We’ve met a lot of wonderful people since beginning this blog, but 2019 was a fun year in particular through the blog as well as live streaming on Twitch. Even though we’re not exactly the best at keeping a consistent streaming schedule, it’s always great to see a few “regulars” pop up into the chat.

Absolutely. Like Jett and Ian from AdventureRules, and our little chat is continuously growing. It really makes me thankful to see familiar names and people eager to talk about video games and life with us!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Exactly! Double Jump has grown a lot this year, despite the rocky summer. We’re thankful to each and every one of you who stuck around and reached out throughout all of 2019.

We’re very thankful to be able to do what we’re doing in terms of the blog, Twitch, and our social media. Aside from the amazing people we’re friends with, we’re also thankful for the opportunity to flex our creative muscles while celebrating our gaming hobby. Having this outlet and community has been wonderful.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We’ve reflected back on 2019 and have thought ahead to 2020. We’re eager to try new things with Double Jump and give back to the gaming community.

So, a big thank you to everyone here and in our other communities — Twitch, Twitter, Tumblr — that helped make 2019 a great year for us!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thanks for a great 2019!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! It’s been great watching all that you’ve been doing this year, even though I’ve been a mostly-silent watcher. I hope next year continues to point you in the direction you wish to go!

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