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Happy new year, everyone! Here’s hoping that everyone has a lovely start to 2017! We’ve got quite a few exciting new features for this blog in the upcoming months (and we certainly hope we’ll figure out how to implement them all without any mishaps).

Happy New Year! We can’t wait to make Double Jump the best it’s been since we started 11 months ago! First things first, our schedule will be the same, but we’re adding Saturdays now! Kris and I will be doing a post together two days a week now, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So look forward to that!

We’re also going to be starting up an Instagram account to show off games (and probably our pets) and fun merchandise. Our Tumblr is also going to be getting a re-haul, all the better to communicate with others. We’ll still be using our Twitter, of course, so you can keep an eye on that!

In addition to all that, we’ll be talking more about video game things rather than just video games… Did that make any sense at all? In other words, we’ll be sharing recipes once in a while of us creating video game themed food. Who doesn’t love a good pokeball cookie?

Right, meaning we’ll be doing our best to talk about video games in different ways. Considering Rachel nor I are too acquainted with the kitchen, we’ll see how those pokeball cookies come out… We’re also planning on celebrating a Pokemon month in July as well as Zelda month in November to go along with some of our favorite YouTubers.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Zelda Month was created by PeanutButterGamer on YouTube. Zelda is one of our absolute favorites, so we’ve decided to join in on the festivities this year! In the spirit of that, we also love Pokemon, so we decided to dedicate a month to that series as well.

There are also a couple of other new features still in the works. We’re not going to say much yet… Just know that we think you’ll like them and to look forward to some more surprises in the future!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We know we’re going to like them and I can’t wait to finally get started and share it with all of you! We hope you like to changes; I’m sure there will be more added as the year goes on. Happy 2017, everyone!

What do you think of our new features? Do you have any big plans for this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Ooh, excited to read about the video game things that aren’t video games! I have some new stuff planned for the year too, so hope everything pans out! Let’s make 2017 a great one! 🙂

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