Hero of Our Time – NateWantsToBattle

So, Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists are fairly spot-on. Lately, they’ve been creating two mixes for me based on video game music (apparently I listen to enough to warrant the need for two mixes). Due to listening to the likes of Big Bad Bosses, Spotify eventually threw “Hero of Our Time” at me by NateWantsToBattle, or Nathan Sharp, one of the members of Big Bad Bosses.
I fell in love with the energetic beat and the, “Go, hero, you can do it!” message of the song. The song itself is part of an album of original songs that Nate published dedicated to the Legend of Zelda series. He also has albums of Pokemon songs, as well as covers of hit songs and albums of his original work.
We hope you enjoy this song, as well as Nate’s other work if you choose to go and take a listen!

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  1. I didn’t pay much attention to Nate Wants to Battle when he was doing covers, but his original songs are very good!

    • I definitely don’t mind some of his covers, but I do enjoy the original songs that I’ve heard, particularly this album as well as his parts in the Big Bad Bosses Power Overwhelming CD. I suppose, when starting off as a singer/musician on a place like YouTube, covers are what will get you noticed — people will look up certain songs and see covers of them rather than look up original music first. It’s nice to see Nate doing his own stuff!

      • Oh yeah, it’s a smart strategy for breaking into the business for sure. After all, I may prefer his original stuff but I wouldn’t have known about him period if it weren’t for some of his parodies!

  2. The soundtrack “hero of our time” is awesome. It makes me want to go for a great adventure. Gives a hyper excitement and resistant to take action. I love it, I also like the “drowning” It would be great if you added it as well.

    • I enjoy most of the songs on that album as well! “Drowning” is a good one, and I’ve been listening to “Time to Go” a lot lately, too. 🙂

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