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Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had some lovely holidays!
Rachel and I had a great time with our families, and spent plenty of time getting acquainted with some new video games.
Video games — or gift cards towards the Nintendo eShop, Steam, what-have-you — tend to be a standard gift for Rachel and me. We did fairly well this Christmas season, and we can’t wait to share our thoughts about the new games!
From our older sister and brother-in-law, we had each gotten the other version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. We’re definitely looking forward to being able to explore the Alola region with a new team!
Our grandparents gave Rachel Mario Party Star Rush for the Nintendo 3DS while I got Monster Hunters Generations for the same system. I have never played a Monster Hunter game, but Rachel and I heard and watched good things about the series from some of our favorite YouTubers. Here’s hoping I can figure it out!
Paper Mario Color Splash for the Wii U was another game that had been under the tree for Rachel, while Sonic Generations for the 3DS was wrapped up for me. It’d been awhile since I played a decent Sonic the Hedgehog game, so hopefully Sonic Generations won’t be bad at all. We had also received the newest expansion for the Sims 4, City Living.
I know Rachel already spent some of her Nintendo eShop gift cards on Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. I’m not too sure what I’m going to spend my gift cards on just yet… Any suggestions?

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  1. Ooh, you got some great gifts! I hope you enjoy Monster Hunter Generations. It’s a fun series, though there is a learning curve. It’s absolutely worth it once you get the hang of it though! One of my favorite games of 2016. Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is the one to get for eShop. I also recommend BOX BOX BOY, or at least BOX BOY as fun puzzle platformers made by HAL Laboratories, makers of the Kirby games. You play as a box that can sprout out other boxes to climb on and solve puzzles. I loved the sequel this year. Hope you enjoy your Christmas gifts!

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