I Barely Have Any Nintendo Wii Games

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Don’t ask as to why I’m talking about the Nintendo Wii so much lately, but after listing my favorite games I’ve played on the console, I’ve realized something interesting.
Kris and I play video games a lot. I’ll admit we didn’t play nearly as much as we do now that we have this blog. It was always a hobby we wished we were able to do more often, but work/school/life/whatever would always have to take priority.
In fact, part of the reason as to why we started Double Jump was because we wanted a valid excuse to play video games for a long time each day. (That’s not the only reason, of course, but you get what I mean.)
When I was looking at our collection of Wii games to make a list of my favorite ones, I realized we only have 28 games. A couple of them, I’ll admit, we haven’t even played yet. Once the Wii U came out we sort of dropped the Wii and rarely went back.
There are some games on our Wii console but most of it is virtual console so I wouldn’t count them as Wii games.
I know there are a lot of people out there who didn’t care too much for the Wii. Then there are people who hate the Wii U and realize the Wii wasn’t that bad. Some people hate motion controls, others love it. I never really minded the motion controls and thought the Wii was great… until they came out with the newer consoles, but I never thought the Wii was bad.
It surprised me to see we don’t have many games for the console and I kind of want to go to the game store and buy a bunch of Wii games now. I want to expand our Wii collection and also try out some new games as well.
Then again, if I did that, I probably still wouldn’t play them because the Switch has been taking priority over everything… maybe someday.

Do you have a big collection of Wii games? Is there a console you didn’t give much attention to? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I enjoyed the Wii, personally! I think a lot of the games that got a bad rep within their series (Skyward Sword and Super Paper Mario, for example) were better than they were given credit for. Our Wii no longer works and that was definitely a sad day for us. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see some HD remakes on the Switch, given the similarity between the Joy-Cons and the Wiimote.

    • I enjoyed the Wii a lot too, which is why I’m so surprised we don’t have too many games for it. I thought our collection was a lot bigger. The Wii certainly didn’t get as much credit as it should have. The Wii U as well. We wouldn’t have the Switch if it weren’t for the two of them.

    • Super Paper Mario was a great little game.

  2. Wii is a great console. I have one as well but I seldom use it though. Aside from not having much games. Maybe one of the reasons why it has few games released coz it’s not that appealing, so I guess only few players are using it. Unlike switch that it was handy and has a cool features. But Im not saying that wii isn’t good. I use it if i play sport games with friends.

    • Yeah it’s just one of those consoles that was great and fun to play but easily forgotten, I guess? For lack of a better way to describe it, lol.

  3. I only have about 20 or so games for the Wii but I’ve got most of the games I’d want in my collection. But if I were to come across a good deal on some others I would probably jump at the opportunity.
    Currently my Dreamcast is my most neglected console and collection. I know there are games I want for it but there is just so much other stuff to play that the thought of paying a premium for some Dreamcast titles and the time investment always convinces me to play something else.

    • I don’t even remember if there are any Wii games I wanted but never got. I wouldn’t mind picking up a few random ones and trying them out.
      I don’t have a Dreamcast. It’s one of those consoles that never really crossed my mind.

  4. We have a lot of Wii games! While I wasn’t a big fan of motion controls at the time, it was still a good console (plus everything is motion-controlled nowadays)! I really liked the WiiU as well and am sad that it didn’t get as well of a reception.

    • The motion controls certainly needed some getting used to! But yeah, the Wii was great. I don’t know how we barely played any games on it, lol. The Wii U has such a bad rep as well but I loved it. I still use it.

  5. 28 games. That’s a lot if you ask me. The Wii was fun. Even though it sold people on that gimmick motion controls. It had its go to games that I liked. As for the Wii U never bought it. It’s the first (and hopefully only) Nintendo console I never bought. That’s why I’m excited for ports such as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. 😀

    • I mean, yeah. It is a good amount. But compared to our growing Switch list and our Gamecube games… it’s not much, lol.
      How come you never bought the Wii U?

      • The launch titles didn’t impress me. And I thought the price point was just too high for me to play a few games and then let it collect dust. If it had dropped below $250 maybe I would’ve highly considered but it never did. Even if you buy one today I hear they’re still high because of that tablet. It must’ve cost Nintendo a lot of money to put that console together.

        • Yeah, that makes sense. Kris and I got the Wii U as a Christmas present so I didn’t even know what it cost, lol. It was such a hit or miss for some people that I’m glad they’re porting a lot to the Switch. It’s hard for me though only because I want the game on the Switch, but I already have it… the question is, do I spend the money on it again?

          • One thing you have to remember unfortunately is that the Wii U is Nintendo’s worse selling home console ever. The Switch has already passed it sells. So it makes sense why they are having all the first party ports. My advice to you. If you loved the game and know you are going to play it again definitely pick it up on the Switch. Hopefully that helps.

          • Oh, I know that. The Wii U certainly wasn’t the best even though I did enjoy it. And we have bought bought a couple ports but we also want new games as well. Especially for the $60 price.

  6. I mostly had wii games for my sister (who is mentally handicapped) but I have a few for me. Then when I went with my boyfriend, he had a cracked wii and said I could play all the games I wanted. I was so thrilled!! I tried a lot of games I couldn’t find and my wii didn’t have internet at the time so no e-store for me. I really like the Wii U more because I really love a controller more than wii motes and motion controls.

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