I Miss My Nintendo 3DS

Happy Thursday!
When we first got our Nintendo Switch, I’ll be honest – we didn’t play it that much. But the past couple of months, there have been so many games coming out for it! Some I’ve looked forward to and some I’ve never heard of but want to give a try.
Through all this, I’ve neglected my Nintendo 3DS. And I have to say, I kind of miss it.
Nintendo 3DS & 2DS XL
While I love playing gaming on the big screen TV, I do think I prefer handhelds over home consoles. I like being able to bring my games with me and have easy access to games whenever I want.
Now the Switch can do both. Though I haven’t used the Switch in handheld mode much I’ve still been playing the Switch a lot more. More and more games come out for it each and every day and I’m trying to get through all the games and breathe at the same time.
Yet I realized I haven’t really touched my 3DS since Miitopia. While there are so many Switch games that I need to catch up on and play, there are a few 3DS games coming out as well.
Sure, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be out soon, so I’m sure that will take up a few days.
I also preordered Mario Party Top 100, so that should be here tomorrow. But then there’s also Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions. I haven’t played any of the games in the Mario & Luigi series, though it’s always been on my list. Other games just always took a higher priority.
Another one is Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. I thought about getting this one on mobile, but when they announced a 3DS version, I decided I’d rather have it for that. Then I forgot about it.
I had mentioned trying out Monster Hunter Stories and Ever Oasis before, too.
There are just so many games and not enough time. I’m looking forward to getting Mario Party Top 100 though.

Are they any games that got pushed to the back burner for you? Are you eagerly awaiting Mario Party Top 100? Let us know in the comments below!

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. I have actually played my 3DS quite a bit recently. In the past few months I went through Samus Returns, Ever Oasis, Fire Emblem Echoes, Monster Hunter Stories, and Hey Pikmin: all good games, to different degrees. =)

  2. I been reading a lot of posts online about people suggesting Nintendo forget the 3DS and go all in on The Switch. It’s nice to read, someone still wants to play on the device. So many great games on it and more to come still 🙂

    • It’s a wonderful system and I really hope that Nintendo doesn’t shy away from the handheld systems since the Switch can technically do both.

  3. I was actually thinking about this the other day, since I haven’t been commuting on the train I haven’t played my 3DS for ages and I really miss it but I just don’t think of it as an option when I’m at home and I have the Playstation set up. I need to get back into it and finish my Zelda game!

  4. I’ve played my 3DS a lot recently on breaks at work and school. Animal Crossing is still one of my favorite games! I’m iffy on the new Mario game though.

    • Since writing this post I’ve been playing my 3DS a lot too, lol. Which new Mario game are you talking about?

      • The top 100 games, I love Mario party but I don’t know how to feel about it lmao

        • It’s not worth it… We posted a review on it recently, if you’re interested. Or I can just ramble in the comments about it, lol.
          Nintendo should have included a board or two from the older Mario Party games, but they didn’t. There’s one board and it mocks the Star Rush game (I don’t know if you played that one, but that wasn’t great either). Long story short, it’s boring. There are others modes that aren’t great either, but I could go on and on about it, lol.

          • Lol cool and I hadn’t seen that post yet- I was looking at y’alls posts since I’m a big Nintendo fan but yeah. I kind of figured it wouldn’t be great? The premise sounded good in theory though! And I did play star rush, it was okay at best lol.

          • Right, The Top 100 is good in theory. But I honestly wish they just released the first 3 Party games for the virtual console like how they’re releasing the old Pokemon games.

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