I'm A Detective! [The Sims 4]

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!

I haven’t played The Sims 4 in a long time and I got back into it last weekend. Thanks to work I haven’t been playing as much as I’d like, but I still got pretty far in my “career.”

Usually, when I play The Sims I create myself and sometimes Kris. I tend to use a lot of cheats and build a ginormous house for us with the most expensive gadgets you can buy in the game. Then we live our virtual lives.

This time, I decided to not use any cheats. I created just myself, bought a premade house and I’m working to move on up in the world. I plan on adding additions to the house and expanding it rather than making one large mansion and using the money cheat so I can buy it right away.

I always give my Sim the creativity trait and have her be a writer for a career because that’s what I am in real life. However, I do write mystery novels and when I was a kid I wanted to be a detective when I grew up (I think I actually wanted to be a secret agent or spy).

With the Get To Work expansion pack, three new careers were added on, one of them being a detective. Since I always claimed to be a writer, I never played any of those other career choices. I decided, this time, I was going to be a detective.

And it is so much fun!

I go to work with my Sim every day where she goes on patrol to engage with the community and cite people for littering or fighting. You can also solve crimes, of course.

You investigate a crime scene, taking evidence, dusting for fingerprints, talking to witnesses, and taking photos. Then you go back to the police station, process the evidence in the lab and deduce clues using the crime map. When you get enough clues, you can go out and arrest someone.

The interrogation part is my favorite. Once you arrest someone you go back to the station where you can play good cop or bad cop and ask questions about the crime. The suspect’s mood changes throughout the conversation. They can seem friendly, calm, nervous, frustrated, anything. The meter fills up as you ask the right questions and when it’s filled up you’ll know if they’re guilty or innocent.

Then you can fingerprint them, pat them down, take a mugshot, and lock them up. It’s a lot of fun!

It’s not as in-depth as I make it sound to be, but it’s still fun and allows you to work towards something in the game rather than focusing on upgrading your skills and trying to make friends.

The first suspect I arrested was innocent and the chief yelled at my sim. She didn’t seem fazed by it though. She laughed and then her mood changed to “happy.”

What bothered my sim was when she had to pat someone down. She got “uncomfortable” because she was “up close and personal” to a criminal. Still, she got over it in time.

It gave me a new appreciation for The Sims 4 and I can’t wait to give the other careers a try!

Have you played the Get To Work expansion pack? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I actually found all of my Sims games a few months back and tried jumping back into The Sims 2. This was my jam when I was younger so I figured I’d give it a shot. Great game but it’s amazing how far they’ve come with 3 and 4. Soo many different things to do now. It’s easy to get bored playing the original!

    • Sims 2 was great, but I agree that it’s probably easy to get bored. I skipped Sims 3 entirely. I just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I absolutely love Sims 4. So going from 2 to 4 made 4 seem like such an improvement.

  2. I had no clue something like this was in the Sims. I like mysteries so I’m intrigued by these developments!

  3. I don’t need another game to fall in love with. đŸ˜‰

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