Impulse Buys: Super Mario All-Stars

Double Jump Kris MiiAnd it’s Monday again. I have a busy week leading to a crazy weekend, so here’s to any sort of downtime I can find! I hope everyone else is doing well!
Rachel and I took a trip to GameStop the other day to pick up a couple of Arceus distribution card for the Legendary Pokemon giveaways for the 20th anniversary. Considering we feel bad just going in there to ask for a free Pokemon code, we tend to look around for a bit and more often than not buy something.
Rachel picked out a puzzle of the Johto region. I picked out Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii.
I remember having this particular game on the Super Nintendo, and I know exactly where the old cartridge is right now. It had four of the original Super Mario games, including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. It hit me with a lot of nostalgia, and I can’t wait to relax with the games and see how much I remember of them from when I was a kid.
God, I probably sound really old. But, hey, the original SNES game came out in 1993, and I wasn’t able to hold a controller until a few years later!
What about the rest of you? Ever had an impulse buy or have that one video game that just smacks you with nostalgia?

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  1. I sometimes feel bad too when I go into stores for something free, but don’t look around too! I know exactly how you feel, haha. I have had impulse buys before, but it’s usually for something that I didn’t realize was out until I got there. Most of the time when I go to stores, I know why I’m going and usually am specifically looking for that one thing. I can’t remember what I’ve impulse bought, but sales on older games usually encourage those buys too…

    • That obligation to buy something gets us, haha! You sound like you shop like me: you know what you want, and that’s it. Books and video games are usually the only types of stores where I actually want to browse, even if my wallet doesn’t agree. Sales are always wonderful!

      • I love browsing bookstores and gaming stores as well! Usually, it’s because I’m not looking for anything in particular. But the moment I am looking for something, I usually go in and go out with product quickly to avoid extra purchases, haha!

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