Legend of Zelda 35th Anniversary Predictions

Why, yes, Pokemon Day is February 27th and here we are talking about the Legend of Zelda. Because, hey, the Legend of Zelda franchise is also celebrating an anniversary this year!

While Pokemon is turning 25 this year, the Legend of Zelda is ten years older and hitting 35. There are tons of rumors circulating around the internet for both franchises, but at this time the focus is more on Pokemon. We want to shift the focus, at least momentarily, to The Legend of Zelda and talk about what kind of predictions and hopes we have for this amazing series.


I remember when Zelda celebrated their 25th anniversary, they came out with Skyward Sword for the Wii. I know the motion controls were a bit on the iffy-side, but it was a great game. I can’t remember what else they did, but the fact they came out with a brand new game is something I hope they do this year. (In addition to porting Skyward Sword to the Switch, of course. I think we can all agree that the motion controls will be much better now.)

Aside from that, though, I would love to see a brand new Zelda game. Breath of the Wild 2 comes to mind. Even if it doesn’t release this year, I hope we get a date. They announced the game so long ago and then never mentioned anything more about it, that I think it’s due to have the spotlight again. Especially after Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity came out. I think they’re gearing up for a bigger story than we realize.


Can you imagine if they came out with a collector’s pack like they did with Super Mario 3D All-Stars? Granted, I would hope they wouldn’t do a limited run as they’ve done with that game, but it’d be great to see a collection of older Zelda titles ported to the Nintendo Switch. I feel as if the Legend of Zelda titles are bigger than Super Mario games, but it’d still be great to see Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess brought to the Switch. There are so many other combinations they could do as well.

I’m super excited for Breath of the Wild 2! Considering this is an anniversary year, I’m sure we’ll at least get some more news on the game. I love all the speculation that came with the teaser trailer a couple of years ago. Imagine if Ganondorf was revived and a potential ally before turning dark? Hit me with those kinds of bittersweet story feels!


I think that would be fantastic if they did a three-in-one game. But yeah, I don’t want it to be a limited edition. We already have a tough time getting our hands on certain games, to begin with. Having Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on the Switch would be amazing as well. Having any of the games on the Switch would be great.

Agreed. I know a lot of people didn’t care too much for the story in Age of Calamity, but I absolutely loved it and thought it was so well done. We have our own theories about that one. I’d love to speculate and such with the sequel. I wonder just how different that game is going to be compared to the first game.


Age of Calamity is another game that, while not a traditional Legend of Zelda game, could get some more love as well. Extra DLC for it and the original Breath of the Wild could be coming for the anniversary. Considering Breath of the Wild’s age, we may be done with DLC for that game, of course. Here’s hoping that Nintendo is focusing on the sequel.

Since we’re mentioning spin-offs, I would love a game where we play as Sheik in Ocarina of Time while Link was taking a 7-year nap. Give me the option between stealth and assassin missions while protecting the people of Hyrule as Ganondorf slowly takes over. The ending could be making it back to the Temple of Time after avoiding all the redeads in Castle Town to meet with Link.


More DLC would be great! Let me play as Beedle! He can bag-up his merchandise and just whack people with it. I remember us having a discussion about all the other Zelda characters we would love to play as. Although, I am happy as it is. Now I just want to focus on possible ports of older games and the Breath of the Wild sequel.

Having a stealth game like that would be awesome. There was a game where Link had a bow and such, right? They can totally make a sneaky-sneak game. Alternatively, they can have us play as Zelda during her journey in Skyward Skyword. That too would be a bittersweet ending.

But you know what I would love? A port of Four Swords Adventures. I think they’d be able to figure out a way to do that using the Nintendo Switch whether it’s the Lite or the regular console.


I think we’ve just decided that we basically want some spin-off games where we play as Zelda, haha! She is a badass character in the games she’s been featured in — a queen, a pirate, even a spirit — that it should be her turn in the spotlight. I believe that if she is not available as a playable character in Breath of the Wild 2, fans would be extremely disappointed. We’ve all placed our hopes as playable Zelda being one of the features of the sequel.

Oh, yes, Four Swords Adventures! I think for multiplayer like that to work, people would each need their own Switch. Local co-op could be split-screen, but it may work best if we each had our own screens like the original GameCube version that had us hook up our GameBoy Advances. If everyone did have their own screens, the online co-op could work well!

Speaking of Switches, think that Nintendo will have a Zelda-inspired Nintendo Switch made? There have been rumors for a while of the Pro Nintendo Switch being a thing, what with the original Nintendo Switch being four years old now. If there was a pretty Legend of Zelda-inspired Switch, I may just splurge on it.


It would be awesome to play as Zelda, I agree. I think, since we were able to play as her in Age of Calamity, we might be getting closer to having that wish granted. Unless that was Nintendo’s way of granting that wish… I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Well, that’s kind of why I think Nintendo would do it. There are certain Super Mario Party games that you have multiple Switches and that was their way of getting everyone to buy their own Switch. I could totally see them announcing a Four Swords Adventures port with the local co-op where each player needs their own Switch screen. It sounds right up Nintendo’s alley and you know what? I wouldn’t be angry about it because I just want to play that game easily again.

I wouldn’t be surprised. When the Switch Lite came out, they made a Pokemon Sword and Shield one. I mean, if they are coming out with a brand new Switch, we’d probably get it anyway, right? We can’t be controlled when it comes to Nintendo consoles.


There are quite a few special editions of the Switch consoles — the Sword and Shield one, Animal Crossing, the limited Super Mario design — but we’ve made do with our original Switch and our Switch Lites so far. There is an updated version of the original Switch already that we haven’t bought yet either, haha! Perhaps a Legend of Zelda-inspired Switch will be what it takes to get us to spend money on another one.

Later on today, there will be a Nintendo Direct, and I’m eager to see what Nintendo has to say. I believe it’s more of a general direct, one that will discuss the upcoming games for the first half of this year. I’m sure there will be something in there about the Legend of Zelda’s anniversary!


Yes, because we totally need another one!

I’m hoping the Direct will give us some Zelda information, whether it’s about Breath of the Wild 2 or the anniversary in general. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

What are you hoping Nintendo does for Zelda’s 35th anniversary? Let us know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please share it!

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