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Generally my Friday posts aren’t for recent news, but I thought this was some good information to pass on to the blog. Anyone else participating in this?
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Nintendo is hosting an online tournament for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this coming Sunday, September 22nd. It’s open to all racers, regardless of skill level, and all vehicles and characters are welcome to be used. The races will be 150cc-level and racers will compete in a series of 24 races. The top eight racers will be awarded 2,500 gold points (or, rather, $25).

And, despite not having picked up the game in a while and not being a regular online competitor, Rachel is planning on playing just for the fun of it.

The tournament itself says it will be going from 1pm to 11pm EST and Nintendo revealed a simple way to enter by giving a number (2093-5045-4827) to input into the Search by Code field in Tournaments. I presume one does not need to play through the entire block and will only need to play long enough to compete in 24 races.

There was one summer where Rachel and I, along with our cousins, played through all of the available courses and it took us only a couple of hours, if I remember correctly. To have to sit down and race for 10 hours for a tournament would be a little excessive.

While it’s nice to have a tournament not catered to certain skill levels, I doubt beginners will be able to have good luck with the tournament. I wonder if it would be worth it to Nintendo to do more online tournaments for beginner, intermediate, and expert racers?

With a growing library on the Switch — both for current and retro games — more online tournaments may become a thing. There are the big name games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon, and I wonder what other games Nintendo may use for tournaments.

Fire Emblem battles with custom armies. Overcooked teams competing for high scores. Retro Super Mario Kart tournaments. There are plenty of possibilities for Nintendo to exploit, and I’m interested in seeing what kind of tournaments they’ll do next!

What game would you play in an online tournament? Are you participating in the Mario Kart tournament? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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  1. Nintendo has done a few with Tetris 99. The first one rewarded the top 1,000 with the most wins with $10 in eShop credit. The second time around, they changed it to a point-based system, which rewarded people for grinding. I did not like that setup nearly as much, as it heavily rewarded the players who literally played non-stop.
    Generally speaking though, it’s a fun way to get players involved without being too serious. Capcom has done a few for Street Fighter V where thousands of dollars are on the line and it’s uncomfortable for all involved when these incredibly high-stakes matches are ruined by online lag with no way of fixing it. Considering the circumstances, I like these lower-stakes online tournaments for funsies.
    Nevertheless, I would love to see Nintendo get more serious on the eSports side too. They could do gangbusters if they had their own Smash Bros. tournament seasons in the way that Street Fighter, Tekken, and Dragon Ball FighterZ do it. Splatoon could benefit greatly from showing that high-level side of its gameplay to a wider audience. And I would do almost anything to be on a stage competing against 98 other people in Tetris 99!

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