Mario Kart in Virtual Reality

Double Jump Kris MiiMario Kart is such a classic franchise, spanning from the Super Nintendo Entertainment all the way to the Switch port. The rosters have evolved from simply choosing between eight characters to deciding the driver, the kart, the wheels, the glider. Now there seems to be another way to play the game…
There is a virtual reality Mario Kart arcade game. My stomach is already doing barrel-rolls at the very idea of it, but despite any fears of nausea, a VR Mario Kart sounds like so much fun!
Presently, this game is only available in an arcade in Japan, but who knows if it’ll become available internationally at some point in the future. Having Nintendo dabble in virtual reality games just makes me excited to think of a Legend of Zelda or Pokemon VR game!

Also, that hammer item just looks like fun! Why don’t we have that in the latest version of Mario Kart?

What do you think of playing Mario Kart in Virtual Reality? What other franchises should go the VR route?

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  1. I’ve yet to try VR as I can’t justify the expense to play a handful of “experiences” just yet and none of my friends locally have a set up. Something like Mario Kart though sounds like a perfect type of thing to play because the runs are short and it could be a fun social experience.

    1. I honestly haven’t tried VR yet either, mostly because of money — can’t justify buying a Vive or anything just yet. I would love a full-on Zelda or Pokemon VR game! Perhaps we’ll splurge when that happens. 😉

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