Mario Party 4

Title: Mario Party 4
Company: Nintendo
Console: Nintendo Gamecube
How we got the game: We bought it for our Gamecube, but play it on the Wii.

A little while ago, Rachel and I mentioned that we had downloaded Mario Party 2 on the Wii’s Virtual Console, considering that our Nintendo 64 had decided to retire. We had an awesome time replaying through all of Mario Party 2’s boards and mini-games and had decided to play through the next available Mario Party, which was Mario Party 4 that we had for the GameCube.

Mario Party 4 was my favorite when were little. We absolutely loved the 2v2 games such as Team Treasure Trek and Dungeon Duos. We were unbeatable at those games so, naturally, we always played as a team on the boards. But… re-playing the game, we realized Mario Party 4 isn’t as good as Mario Party 2.

Mario Party 4 itself still wasn’t that bad, of course, but Mario Party 2 definitely had proven to be more of a challenge and, thus, was more enjoyable to us. Mario Party 4’s tag team mode had been a favorite of ours for going against the computer characters, but even with the computer characters on Hard Mode, there wasn’t much of a challenge in most cases.

Even when we played against each other, there wasn’t much of a challenge. I posted a picture on our Twitter account which showed two hard mode CPUs ending the game with zero stars and zero coins. It was kind of pathetic and a little dull on our end.

It got us thinking about the franchise as a whole and how it grew. The first three Mario Party games seem to be the most loved from the franchise’s fan base, while the latest installments are the least, particularly number 10. Either we players grew too old, too skilled, for the games to give us a good challenge, or Nintendo opted to keep creating the games for the younger fans as opposed to keep the games growing with the original fans.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Skill level aside though, we weren’t even that impressed with the boards. I felt as though they were all the same, with just different things happening based on where you were. The one I had the most fun with was Goomba’s Greedy Gala, the gambling one. That was probably the most challenging and I enjoyed the gambling aspect of it.

Haha, yeah, the gambling and lottery was all good fun. You’re right, though, the boards were pretty similar while Mario Party 2’s boards were so full of variety. I know in later installments the boards can get pretty funky, so at least that’s not so bad. The mini games in Mario Party 4 aren’t too bad, but I forgot how many 2v2 games that we hated were hiding among the few that we actually liked! Most of the 4-versus games were decent at least. I didn’t think there was enough, though, but that just may be me remembering how we’d end up playing the same mini game twice to three times in the same board.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I feel like the mini-game variety wasn’t that big. But, I agree, that could just because we played the same one a few times in one board. Either way, Mario Party 4 was great to revisit. I love the game, but after that trip down memory lane, I’m ready to go back to Mario Party 2.

What do you think of Mario Party 4? What’s your favorite Mario Party game?

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  1. My favorite Mario Party game is the third one.
    I honestly never enjoyed Mario Party 4. Like you two mentioned, the boards felt like they were the same, with only the backgrounds changing. The mini-games did not do it for me either.

  2. Mario Party 4 was okay. I sort of remember the mushroom mechanic in the boards, but honestly, it’s forgettable in a long line of Mario Party games. My favorite is a toss-up between any of the N64 ones and Mario Party 8. In other words, I only really don’t care for the GameCube entries and anytime you have to ride through the board in a car. The N64 ones felt fresh at the time, especially Mario Party 2’s use of costumes and themed boards. Mario Party 3 also had a fun duel mode that was new at that time. I also like Mario Party 8 because it really defined a fun Wiimote party game. They were less conservative boards this time around and had one board where you built a mansion as you went and another one that was essentially Monopoly. You could also play a board that was just standard Mario Party. That entry had more variety, and from what you wrote, I do remember that Mario Party 4 (and to that extent, 5-7) was kind of stale. Anyway, great write-up, you two!

    • The earlier games were definitely better, I think. I like 8 the best compared to the newest ones as well. I could definitely do without the mic games in 7, too.

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