McDonald's Adventure

I’m sure everyone has heard that there are Super Mario toys for McDonald’s Happy Meals. We haven’t had McDonald’s in a long time. We decided to go anyway, being 23- and 27-years-old, to get Happy Meals to get a surprise Mario toy.

Honestly, it’s been eons since we stepped foot into our local McDonald’s! The place still looked the same, though, so it was a bit nostalgic. Anyway, a long time ago, we had heard that you could just buy the Happy Meal toys, so Rachel joked around that I should ask when we got to the cashier. Me being me, I did.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I wasn’t going to ask and look like a dope, so naturally, Kris asked. And, of course, the cashier we got was brand new and clearly still in training. We got her to crack a couple of smiles, but ultimately she was kind of stiff and nervous and we definitely threw her for a loop.

We just kind of went around in circles. When I asked about just buying the toys, she said it was something we could do, but we still ordered Happy Meals because, hey, why not? Then we confused each other since the poor cashier apparently didn’t remember or understood when I had asked a few minutes ago if we can just buy one of each toy, and continued to let us know that, “Yes, Happy Meals come with a toy.”

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Then the manager came over and told us she only had Mario toys left. So, it wouldn’t have worked anyway. She thanked her and as she walked away I caught her rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Yes, we were that customer, apparently. Still, we each got a Happy Meal and got the translucent Mario toy. And they light up!

Hey, the poor manager already looked out of it already. We didn’t mean to give them more grief, haha! We got the chicken nuggets and, honestly, they were a throwback from when we were kids. They tasted just as good! It was an interesting adventure to say the least. All we need now is for McDonald’s to hand out Legend of Zelda toys for Breath of the Wild!

Did you go out and get a Happy Meal for a Mario toy? Let us know in the comments below!

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