Microsoft E3 2017 Press Conference

While we watched all the press conferences for E3, other than Nintendo, Microsoft was really the only one we truly cared about. We don’t play a lot of Sony or Bethesda games. Even though we’re currently out of a XBox console, we’re looking forward to some of the up and coming games.
The conference itself was great. We were trying to get work done while watching it a day later than it aired, but we kept getting distracted. Their pace was awesome between game trailers, talking in depth about certain games, then rapid fire game snippits, and then more game trailers.
In between, they talked about the next XBox One X as well as the backwards compatibility program.
It was just a few nights before that we were talking about getting a new XBox in the near future. Now that they’ve announced the X, we have some thinking to do.
Aside from it being an entertaining conference, we were pleased with a lot of the upcoming games. We love XBox, but we’re still Nintendo girls at heart and we don’t play a lot of Microsoft games.
Still, we’re excited about games such as The Darwin Project, Deep Rock Galactic, Super Lucky’s Tale, and more. We were surprised that we wrote down so many more games to look forward to and try than we originally thought.
Overall, Microsoft seemed to “win” the conferences this year in terms of being the most entertaining to watch. We’re looking forward to what Microsoft has in store for us this year.
And we realize that between Microsoft and Nintendo and the other companies, our wallets will be feeling pretty light soon enough.

What games are you looking forward to the most? Which press conference did you enjoy and look forward to the most?

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  1. I liked a lot of what Microsoft showed but I wasn’t wowed by most of it. Sea of Thieves was certainly one of my high points though, followed by Ashen.

  2. I still feel my favourite was Nintendo. But one thing that people don’t talk about for Microsoft. Sure they don’t have many exclusives, given many o the games they showed are also on PS4, and even MS exclusives are on Windows, but the fact that pretty much all relevant Xbox games are also on Windows is pretty awesome if you think about it. It’s a very player friendly move that allows gamers to enjoy their games in more place than just the Xbox. Kudos to them.

    • I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Microsoft conference, but I really enjoyed it. This was also my first year actually watching E3 and Nintendo, though they’re still my favorite company, I was more entertained by Microsoft. But I do agree with what you say as well.

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